Damage Control For Clapper And Brennan After Trump Calls Them Political Hacks

Clapper and Brennan joined CNN as potential defendant James Comey remained hidden in a counterattack against President Trump for exposing them as the political hacks they…

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The propaganda media rushed to the defense of three of their most prominent of the corrupt Obama regime bobble-heads, comrades John Brennan, former CIA Director, James Clapper, former DNI, and James Comey, former FBI Director. President Trump called them out for the treacherous anti-American political tools of the left that they are, and intimated at their complicity in using their positions for political purposes.

Jake Tapper brought them on his program to defend their “honor,” to reinforce the false narrative they’ve been unsuccessfully peddling for over a year, and to quite possibly, if AG Sessions ever completes his late-onset of puberty, to face criminal prosecution.

Tapper opens the attack with a typical CNN biased, subjective framing of the discussion, saying, “Just to be perfectly clear here, President Trump was given yet another chance to definitively state ‘I believe Russia interfered in the 2016 election’ and again he did not do so.”

Tapper is completely disregarding the possibility that any other scenario other than the one being pushed by his network and the Obama leftists, such as his guests, has any credibility or is worthy of consideration or belief. He discounts the reality that his guests were acting on last minute instructions from Hussein Obama following the Clinton loss to prepare and release a report that included an assessment supportive of the anti-Trump narrative and the subsequent witch hunt.

He reads President Trump’s comments about Clapper, Brennan and Comey being hacks and Comey being a liar and leaker. Trump was kinder than he could have been, as he didn’t mention Clapper also being a liar who perjured himself in a Senate hearing, even after having advance knowledge of the question.

Brennan speaks first, restating the Russia, Russia, Russia and adding, “And it’s very puzzling as to why Mr. Trump does not acknowledge that and embrace it and also push back hard against Mr. Putin.”

Brennan’s admitted or supposed lack of comprehension may explain why we’re in the mess with the deep state takeover and also demonstrates his lack of integrity. The Russian collusion was clearly between the Democrats and the Obama regime. Trump might be more willing to embrace it if the targeting of offenders were a little more accurate.

Brennan states that Russia is a threat, which is not something that President Trump disputes. He avoids addressing what’s really causing his nose to be bent out of shape, that Trump has exposed and named him as the corrupt tool of the globalist left that he is.

Tapper whines that President Trump “didn’t really clarify,” which to him means retract and come around to the globalist perspective and narrative. Clapper continues with the diversion away from their own internal spying on American citizens for political purposes to the talking points of “Trump is cozy with Putin and doesn’t acknowledge the threat.”

His vilification narrative then goes into something about Russian use of social media, half of which was done after the election, and then shifts into their nuclear upgrade program as if it’s somehow part of the same “election” offenses.

The trio make absolutely certain they never address the obvious Clinton-Obama collusion with Russia in the Fusion GPS dossier or the unmasking and domestic spying that all three of their agencies, CIA, NSA and FBI, were apparently complicit in. That’s why he called you political hacks, boys, and all you’re doing now is just added fuel to the Trump bonfire.

Brennan defends the notorious assessment of January 6th, saying President Trump is attempting to discredit it. It discredits itself with a simple read, as do Brennan, Comey and Clapper by attaching their names to it. He attempts to legitimize it by stating that it was written by others, not the identified political hacks. That goes without saying, of course, they had their trusted deep state operatives do the writing for them. Plotting and subversion took all of their time.

Comrades Brennan and Clapper take time out to swap a little spit with each other, and blow kisses at Jim Comey, telling the audience what an honor it was to work with each other. They make it known that they believe the criticism by President Trump of their domestic spying on his campaign and espionage against the United States in the service of Democrats, Hussein Obama and the globalists is out of bounds.

They’re the enemy within, and precisely the political hacks President Trump characterized them as. The truth was never supposed to come out. Damage control like this wasn’t supposed to be needed. Hillary Clinton wasn’t supposed to lose.


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Hey here is an idea. If you don`t want to be called political hacks stop being political hacks.

Fact is Brennan is a Muslim and lived over there for over a year converting. Comey is a proven Clinton lapdog. Clapper I don’t know what he is other than an out right liar. He has a face that would scare children. Jake Tapper if you are a true journalist why didn’t you ask them to go over their proof that Russian colluded with Pres. Trump or that Russia interfered in the election. They have no proof because it’s all a lie.

these hacks didn’t mention the sale of our uyranium to Russia by dlintons they cover up well no one believes these two have with comey corrupted our fbi cia so badly the country no longer trusts them we don’t need cia period what these two liars with CNN is trying to convince all to go anti trump wont happen liars are liars so much BS from CNN wont work this is all bs