DACA Monsters – Use Free Legal Education To Sue US For Enforcing Our Laws

daca free law education

Viridiana Chabolla is one of six illegal aliens who have the gall to sue the United States for enforcing its immigration laws.

They have all benefited from the fact that America had an illegal alien criminal squatting in our White House. Now that we have a new President who ran on returning to law enforcement, predictably, the legal challenges are coming like cockroaches out of the woodwork.

The illegal alien, who would, in her native Latin American nation be behind bars instead of sitting out on a planter telling her story, acknowledges that without the unconstitutional program she can’t pretend she’s an American citizen and brazenly flout our laws.

She says, “Thanks to DACA I was able to get a full time job.” One might think it’s a job that would have otherwise gone to an American, as is normally the case. But she’s been working to spread the DACA poison, not something many Americans are anxious to do.

Hers does seem to actually be one of those mythical jobs we’ve been told of by the open borders, cheap foreign labor lobby for years, the jobs Americans won’t do. It’s one that works towards our economic destruction and one we’d be far better off if nobody were doing it.

Chabolla continues, her fulltime job is in “something I was interested in. I worked at a public interest law firm for four years. So it allowed me to explore my future career.”

She says, “It allowed me to learn about the law, to work besides [sic] attorneys and learn about legal strategies to help out community members throughout Los Angeles.” When she says help out community members, she means other illegals that her ability to manipulate the law has helped to stay in a country in which they don’t belong.

Offering yet another strong argument as to why DACA and she must go and should have been ended on day one of the Trump administration as we were promised, she admits, “Without DACA I would not have been able to do that.”

Adding more fuel to the anti-DACA fire, Chabolla says, “Without DACA I would also not be in law school right now.” An American could be in law school, receiving the opportunity in their own nation instead of a foreigner stealing their education away from them.

She says “Losing DACA would mean that I would not be able to work.” He career as an agitator on behalf of lawbreakers would be over. “I would not be able to use the education that I’ve been so privileged to get [steal from an American] here in the United States.” It’s just more proof that the anti-American DACA program needs to die as President Trump promised us it would.

They need lawyers in Mexico, too. People filing legal papers for legal immigration could use some help, if they were forced to choose that route rather than the “crash the border and feed off of the system” method currently preferred by Mexicans and Central Americans.

We Americans should do everything we can to help Chabolla transfer her career and herself to Mexico as well as her new customer base at the same time. Don’t mention it, Chabolla. It’s our pleasure. It should have been done when you were first discovered. You should have never gotten that education on our dime.

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4 Comments on DACA Monsters – Use Free Legal Education To Sue US For Enforcing Our Laws

  1. With 6 months before DACA has to be decided gives me no hope that the squatters are leaving. Legalization, probably continuing to vote, followed by citizenship is the only reason I can see why Trump is stretching this out.

  2. Kitty Corbett // September 19, 2017 at 9:34 pm // Reply

    This ingrate makes it ever so plain what should be done. Yank the green cards from every illegal alien who has one, most especially these uppity DACA beneficiaries. This article mentions another benefit to their home countries I hadn’t thought about should they self-deport, which is legal services. They could at the very least teach English to their home countrymen. At any rate they do not deserve any special treatment in the USA just because they were either brought or sent here, in either case illegally, after they were born.

  3. Trump better ENDS THIS! If he does not, end of his BASE. This DACA is the beginning of the end of America if it flys. Invasion in full force, NWO.

  4. Dr Rolland Kerr // September 19, 2017 at 1:06 pm // Reply

    Move Viridiana Chabolla to the top of the Deportation LIST!

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