DACA For Gang Members – Whacked Out Libtard Seattle Judges Consider

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The open borders fanatics are ruling the West Coast and, having firmly entrenched themselves in California, are exerting their ruinous influence and domination over Oregon and Washington.

In this story, an illegal alien who had DACA protection was picked up during a raid targeting his illegal father. As it turns out the son had gang tattoos, which are prohibited. Any gang affiliation is grounds for the program to be rescinded for that individual and tattoos are a proclamation of gang affiliation, it should be “case closed,” watch your head as you enter the van.

As they show the picture of the DACA kid, Ramirez, there’s an odd similarity to the way they kept showing the young hood rat Trayvon Martin instead of the older, more threatening looking Trayvon. Gang tattoos aren’t found on “nice boys.”

The absurdity of the thug’s lawyers denying the presence of tattoos in official court documents is mind-numbing. Do they really think the ICE agents would falsify something like that and that it isn’t extremely easy to verify in court?

They mention his constitutional rights which I mockingly refer to as his Mexican constitutional rights, as he’s not a citizen of the US and not entitled to the benefits it affords. Equal protection applies, as is easily interpreted by non-lawyers, under the 14th Amendment as it was written; instructions are directed to the states. These are federal ICE officers, it’s not applicable. Common sense dictates that regardless, protection in that case means physical protection, not protection from the laws of the United States. Get in the van, Ramirez, tell Pena-Nieto America says Hola.

The “news” reader says word that he wouldn’t be released “sparked several protests from Seattle to New York City.” The implication is that those were spontaneous outbursts. Of course they were orchestrated events, Soros funded get-togethers intended to create the appearance of a widespread national outrage. Nobody in New York City can even identify this punk and they certainly don’t care what happens to him. Most can’t identify Mike Pence or Joe Biden. It’s just a show.

The background checks are merely checks against a data base for the most part and a review of the bio-data. If they haven’t been caught and fingerprinted for a major crime, they pass. The following excerpts from the USCIS website FAQ section are informative.

Q23: What do background checks involve?

A23: Background checks involve checking biographic and biometric information provided by the individuals against a variety of databases maintained by DHS and other federal government agencies.

Q24: What steps will USCIS and ICE take if I engage in fraud through the new process?

A24: If you knowingly make a misrepresentation, or knowingly fail to disclose facts, in an effort to obtain DACA or work authorization through this process, (like lying about gang affiliation and tattoos) you will be treated as an immigration enforcement priority to the fullest extent permitted by law, and be subject to criminal prosecution and/or removal from the United States.

Q27: Can my deferred action under the DACA process be terminated  before it expires?

A27: Yes.

DACA is an exercise of prosecutorial discretion and deferred action may be terminated at any time, with or without a Notice of Intent to Terminate, at DHS’s discretion.

Q65: What qualifies as a national security or public safety threat?

A65: If the background check or other information uncovered during the review of your request for deferred action indicates that your presence in the United States threatens public safety or national security, you will not be able to receive consideration for an exercise of prosecutorial discretion except where DHS determines there are exceptional circumstances. Indicators that you pose such a threat include, but are not limited to, gang membership, participation in criminal activities, or participation in activities that threaten the United States.

To my readers, I apologize that the video quality is still not where I want it to be. The software is still giving me fits and the “news” reader does sound like she’s under water at times. The video sometimes gets a little jerky. I appreciate your patience. I was troubleshooting and redoing things that “just went away” over the course of a very long day yesterday and ended up going back to an older, more primitive solution just to be able to publish what I was able to salvage. Thanks for your patience – there’s a solution out there and I’ll find it.

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