DACA Backdoor Citizenship Loophole – Go On Vacation, Become A US Citizen

dreamer loophole daca

The Obama globalists are a devious bunch, deliberately drafting their unlawful DACA with a back door for citizenship included and then refusing to respond to Congress when they feebly attempted to investigate.

Top congressional Republicans revealed on Friday that information provided to them by the Trump administration shows over 45,000 DACA enrollees have used the loophole to apply for citizenship. It’s interesting to note that when the Dems and RINOs are attempting to justify letting the DACA illegals stay in the US they claim they’ve got no relationship to their country of origin. They suddenly find a relationship when exploiting it is a means of sidestepping immigration law.

The backdoor loophole is based upon an irrelevant requirement to return to their home country, which somehow magically transforms them into a new type of illegal, one that is able to claim “parole.” It’s take a vacation and then come back and apply for citizenship. Reason doesn’t have a place in illegal, deceptive, open borders policies. DACA is not a law – it’s just Obama dictates that were illegal then and are still illegal today. Our corrupt government just treats it as law because Obama said so and Trump hasn’t said stop.

Those granted advance parole can request to adjust their status and gain legal residence — and eventually citizenship — as long as they have a qualifying relationship, such as a citizen child [anchor baby] or a spouse. But these “DREAMers” are supposed to be innocent kids with a dream of being Americans – how can they have a spouse or kids of their own? Many are past their mid-thirties up to age 40. Kids grow up, the marketing remains.

They note the Obama regime had kept the numbers of “advance parolees” secret, refusing to respond to requests from Congress. The Trump administration has provided the numbers. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services figures indicate that 45,447 DACA recipients had been approved for advance parole as of Aug. 21.

So a program that is not law is being used to not only allow illegals to stay but some are then given a protected status that includes a path to citizenship, merging and conflating dictatorial fiat with federal law.

Immigration activists and agitators are familiar with the loophole and most certainly were advised on how to exploit it by those who created it. Public colleges in California were urged to use it to provide their illegal students with a foot in the door into the US. California is, after all, just one big halfway house for illegals invading America.

The Washington Times reports, “The California-Mexico Studies Center actually advertises just such a program, charging thousands of dollars to give Dreamers a chance to travel south to Mexico to qualify for advance parole. Part of the fees the program collects help pay for ‘legal advice and filing assistance’ in obtaining advance parole.”

They note, “Another class of 35 students took advantage of the program earlier this month, visiting Mexico then returning back to the U.S. legally — and now able to petition for permanent legal status, if they have another qualifying relationship such as a citizen child or spouse.” The laws are only there to control the American citizens.


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