DACA Amnesty Higher Priority – More Urgent Than Border Wall

daca amnesty

At another of the often infamous Christian Science Monitor breakfasts, an administration bureaucrat, Marc Short, took questions from the press. This is the same event where Paul Ryan once told us how good TPP was going to be for us all, so the truth is in no way a critical component of the dialogue. This time Short was sent out to sell DACA amnesty and compromise.

A reporter asked Short, “Does a continuous wall along our southern border have to be part of whatever compromise is reached by the end of the year on DACA?” The assumption is now being made that there will be a compromise on amnesty and the position in support of such an amnesty bill by President Trump is also now presumed.

The care with which Short chooses his words are a warning sign that they are walking a fine line. Sounding as if he is reciting the bullet points he’s been told to repeat for the “simple-minded at home,” Short says, “I think that we are most interested in getting border security and the President has made a commitment to the American people that he wants, he believes that a physical barrier is important to that equation of border security.” 

Short says, “Whether or not that is part of a DACA equation or whether or not that’s another legislative vehicle, I don’t want to bind ourselves into a construct that makes reaching a conclusion on DACA impossible.” DACA is taking priority, he just indicated it right there.

They don’t want to complicate the amnesty passage. He’s indicating the Trump administration will be taking it as a stand alone issue, not tying it to other negotiations or wresting concessions on other top items, such as the border wall. In essence a large portion of our bargaining strength is simply being removed. We can hope he simply mispoke and at a minimum we’ll get something in exchange for surrendering on the principles of American sovereignty. 

Short said, “I think the President is also interested, as he said, in solving the issue of DACA and he believes that this is an issue that Congress has failed on. I think that what you saw from the Department of Justice was an explanation that the order that Obama had given was unlawful and could not be supported, so he’s asked Congress to fix it. And I think we look forward to providing them some guidelines and seeing how they work through the process and put together a solution they think works.”

Passing a DACA amnesty now seems to be a front burner item, a complete reversal of the promises President Trump made on the campaign. A border wall, while remaining in the discussions, seems to be slipping in its urgency and ranking on the “to do” list, still being teased but not really being taken up as an issue with any similar enthusiasm, level of commitment or time on the compact legislative calendar. 

It was President Trump who procrastinated on following through on his promise to end DACA until he decided to orchestrate the current amnesty legislation swap under threat of a legal challenge. He brought amnesty to the forefront and allowed those on the left to successfully push the border wall to the side. Now it seems the momentum is being choreographed to take us to an amnesty and perhaps the Soros “comprehensive open borders” that leftists have been plotting all along. And where is that big, beautiful wall?

That’s the danger of packing your administration with the same globalists that have commandeered the reins of power for decades. You get more of the same, at best a watered-down version of MAGA and the facade of a return of power to the hands of the American people. 

What happened to “If you don’t have borders you don’t have a country,” Mr. President? The border wall was to have been a priority, not amnesty. We were told, “everyone will have to go back.” Have you been talking to John Kasich, Jared Kushner, Ivanka?

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3 Comments on DACA Amnesty Higher Priority – More Urgent Than Border Wall

  1. I also, agree with Ben. I want all the 800,000 DACA, and their family members, ‘out of our country’. Now.

  2. i AGREE with Ben here on this issue.

  3. If Trump were running today, I would not support him, I would not defend him, and I would not vote for him. At least the others were up front with their continuation of Bush policies. I’m beginning to agree with the sentiment that Trump is a con man, says what he needs to get it done, and has no compunctions about changing the deal, and rationalizes any outcome.

    A man who cannot keep his word is amoral. I will wait for the first legislative action from him.

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