A Cure For Being Hillary Clinton? – Maybe Not A Cure, But A New, Promising Treatment

gutfeld putin clinton


For those who find reality a bit too much for them to deal with, especially in the areas of personal failure and the associated expectation of responsibility, there’s hope. Greg Gutfeld introduced a new sponsor of his program that is sure to make a big splash on the political scene, particularly with Democrats at the DNC, the Congressional Black Congress, the House, Senate and elsewhere.

Gutfeld asks, “Do you blame your problems on other people? Well, wait no longer. Tonight’s sponsor has a cure.”

The video asks, “Do you take full responsibility for your own failures; admit your mistakes when you’re wrong? Why suffer in silence? Now you can make your failure someone else’s fault, with Blamitol.”

The video cuts to a clip of Hillary Clinton from her “Women for Women International” pity festival where she states, “I was on the way to winning until a combination of Jim Comey’s letter on October 28th and Russian WikiLeaks.” The announcer points out that “Blamitol works with the brain’s receptors to help you replace your sense of responsibility with wild accusations.”

He urges, “Don’t live with this,” playing a clip of Clinton pretending to be taking responsibility for her loss to President Trump, “just Blamitol – on the FBI, and Vladimir Putin.”  He continues, saying, “It’s time-released action helps you cope with public failure and absolve you of fault.”

Potential users are cautioned against serious side effects, stating, “Side effects may include disinterest in campaigning, interviews, having a clear vision to lead the nation and uncontrollable cackling.”

And we thought she might be suffering from Parkinson’s disease – she just needed to tweak, dial down her Blamitol dosage. Could that have also been what caused her to bark like a dog?

Of course there’s always the old fashioned remedy, Clinton, what the rest of us who aren’t Democrats do. Just take ownership of your failures and mistakes. There’s really no downside to that approach and it’s not that bad once you get used to it. Try it sometime.

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