Cummings Bizarre Clinton Style Behavior While Cheerleading Stepford Media

elijah cummings


Sure, Elijah Cummings is a despicable anti-American Democrat partisan who will say or do anything in pursuit of their anti-American agenda, and he’s ordinarily a strange guy on a good day. This didn’t appear to be a good camera day for Cummings. He engaged in some of the most bizarre behavior on camera. It defies description, but we’ll try anyway. There’s video, so that helps a lot.

He comments that the thing they’ve been trying to destroy, the systematic operation of the US in accordance with the Constitution, is turning into a mess. Of course it is, that’s been their goal for the last 8 years plus.

He tells the press he really appreciates them, fakes like he’s going to let them go and then calls them back for some good old-fashioned commie cheerleading. Cummings appeals to his propagandists to really get out there and carry the Democrat water for them, saying, “If there is any moment that the press, in our country’s history, has a major role, it is this moment.”  Biased, Fake News can make all the different in how much treachery he and his fellow Democrats are able to get away with.

“This is your moment,” he says, giving them their marching orders as he says, “You have got to put it out there, so people can understand what is going on.” Really, Cummings, you want them to report that the whole Russia thing is a hoax and a ploy by the establishment and Democrats to undo the results of the voting by the people? Oh no, you want them to repeat your lies, to disseminate your disinformation. That version of what’s going on, the fake one.

He then does some really weird stuff with his eyes and his tongue, the kind of thing we haven’t seen since Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail. As he says, “I have said it before and I’ll say it again” he flips his eyes back and forth, left and right while chewing on his tongue. For those who missed it the first time he repeated it a second time. It looked like some kind of code to Russian hackers or something, maybe the Dems are about to “hack” themselves again.

The commie says, “This is about the fight for the soul of our democracy. If he weren’t a commie he’d understand this is a Republic, but he is what he is. He closes with the challenge to his recruits, saying, “We cannot afford to lose this one.” How long will it be before he’s barking like Clinton as well, like the dog that he is?

Got that media, it’s up to you to spread the Democrat message and “save the collective motherland.”

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