Cry Me A Rio Grande – Immigration Law Means Illegal Aliens Get Deported

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What happened to instantly change the illegal alien, Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, from an “undocumented” woman to a citizen with full rights in possession of those elusive “missing” documents? She was returned by the US Government to the place she belongs, Mexico, her country of nationality.

The CNN report, as is the case with most of the others, depicts this “poor woman ripped from her life with her family” with tearful scenes of hugs, walking down the street holding hands and other staged, Chuck Schumer tears theatrics. All done to turn us against President Trump and his enforcement of immigration law. It’s the sappy, biased propaganda we’ve come to expect from the fake news professionals at CNN and elsewhere.

The reporter says, “The undocumented woman was only fourteen years old when she crossed [violated] the [international] border [of a sovereign nation] in search of a new life.” What do 14-year-olds know about their old life and what drove this one to supposedly seek out a new one? What kind of person sends their daughter loose to find her way to America across deserts, landing on the streets of Phoenix? There’s probably more to the story than we’re being told.

The boy child says, “Here we are in Mexico, the thing we never wanted.” Those comments would indicate that Mexico isn’t as great as all of those protest marchers in LA claim it is.  No Viva Mexico from these guys. After he pledges to keep up the fight, they give us some background on why the illegal squatter was deported.

As most of them have engaged in identity theft of a real citizen’s social security number, it’s a story we’re sure to hear repeated by other “innocent victims” of the “evil racist” President Trump. She’s not being deported because she’s a Latino, her children, as US citizens by birth, are Hispanic but remaining in the United States. She’s being deported for being an illegal alien who committed felony ID theft. It’s not pleasant but that’s the reality.

Just as the left claims the terrorist travel ban was against Muslims they’re claiming this is against Hispanics. The fact that most terrorists are Muslims and that most illegal aliens in America are Hispanic does not change the reality of the situation. She caused these complications by violating our border in the first place and then compounded matters by stealing an American’s identification. The person to whom what the reporter falsely describes as a “made up” social security number belongs to is probably less-than-thrilled at having to straighten that mess out as well, through no fault of theirs and most likely done without their knowledge.

The woman is interviewed by the reporter one on one, with him having to ask his questions in Spanish. She’s been an illegal alien in America since she was a 14-year-old girl and she still doesn’t speak English? She’s not showing much in the way of a desire to become an American. Now she can enjoy everything that beautiful, wonderful Mexico has to offer. The kids will send her money, they’ll come visit once in a while and life will go on. That’s what happens when you trespass and violate a nation’s sovereignty.

Why is it that these loving kids aren’t going back to Mexico to be with their mother, and where is the husband? Somehow those question didn’t get asked. It wouldn’t have fit with the theme of the propagandizing.

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