5 Comments on Ted CRUZ GRILLS and WARNS Social Media Executives About CENSORSHIP Of Conservatives

  1. Sherman Act might bring them in line.
    They are not providing a proper service.

  2. So, why doesn’t everyone QUIT Facebook? I did .. long ago. They’re afraid of suffering Facebook withdrawal? Okay, then everyone should quit bitching about this conservative slap down; it’s no different from TSA haters, who refuse to quit flying even for a week.

    • I’m doing what I can economically, my signature portion of every article recommends GAB only now and a direct subscription to my site. I don’t even ask people to like my page anymore because they’ve got me choked down so much I don’t want to draw anyone new to them. Unfortunately, and very unfortunately, they are the only game in town right now traffic-wise for web publishers. It would be great if Congress would break them up in an anti-trust action like they did with the Bell company back when I was much, much younger.

  3. James Higginbotham // January 18, 2018 at 6:56 am // Reply

    like i said i am banned from facebook, and suspended from twitter.
    and i DON’T miss the SOB’S AT ALL.

  4. Unfortunately, IMO, that will be the end of it. Cruz is a great grand stander but, like Gowdy, nothing will happen. Gowdy at least puts’ on a show. I’ll gain some respect for him if these people are fined, prosecuted, or otherwise regulated.

    They always seem to let the answer, or non answer stand. Like,
    “Mr. or Ms. ____ this video, clearly, of you shooting a person, is that you”.

    “Thank you for that question and the ability to clear it up, I have never condoned that type of behavior”.

    “Thank you for being here and testifying today”.

    I would suggest sending Cruz data on these censorships, but, it would wind up in the circular file.

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