DALLAS COWBOYS Trickery – Taking The National Anthem Out of INSULTING AMERICA

dallas cowboys disrespect America

The Dallas Cowboys seem to think they’ve found a way to simultaneously continue to cowardly attack Americans, pacify their spoiled brat racist employees and still keep their customers, the ones they’re targeting, depositing money into the company coffers.

They’re used to attempting to devise deceptive offenses and defenses, so this hybrid attack on our nation, with its goal of disarming their pro-America opponents without angering their America-hating employees and their masters in the political left, is a survival scheme that was right up their alley.

Except, the reality is that we’re not all as dumb as they think we are and not all of the Cowboys strategies work. This one, with insultingly obvious trickery intended to be as elaborate as a double hand-off with a lateral, will surely result in a loss. 

The grand scheme was an effort to continue to insult and attack the American people while removing the most incendiary and indefensible component, the national anthem. After all, they don’t really hate the song, just the country it and the flag represent. As long as they can still attack white, conservative, mainstream America the players and their leftist enablers should be satisfied.

The scheme involved Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones and the team making a disgusting and embarrassing spectacle of themselves on the field in the pregame portion of their Monday night game in Phoenix against the Arizona Cardinals.

Since football has now become a theatrical and political exercise as much as the on field contest, this gut-emptying display should come as no surprise. The urban Cowboys lined up across the field before the national anthem and briefly took a knee. There was nothing voluntary in the display – players may have been welcome to insult America on their own before Monday’s stunt but they certainly knew better than to not join Jerry Jones in pandering to the anti-America crowd. No patriotic Alejandro Villanueva moment would be tolerated by “America’s team.”

They then stood for the national anthem and, having gotten their insult in against the American people and the attention fix for their political whining that they now thrive on as much as the idiotic end zone celebrations, no self-absorbed crybabies felt compelled to take an additional knee for a second time.

Are the Dallas Cowboys still America’s team? Not so much. They seem to have forgotten, along with the rest of the overpaid ingrates, who built this nation and whose money props up the irrelevant league that makes them rich. It’s those patriotic “Red State Neanderthals” that they despise so much.

Maybe they can still qualify as Russia, China, the EU or the UN’s globalist team, though. America will do just fine without a team and without their league. It will be a refreshing return to normalcy, and respect for American values – start packing.

And please, do us a favor, dime store Cowboys. Whatever new country or counties you might end up representing as their team, don’t forget the importance of disrespecting their nation and their flag. Please, it will be fun and satisfying to watch you really scramble and taking a knee begging for forgiveness and to be spared. If the government doesn’t take you down, their citizens, the ones not imported from the Middle East, will certainly do it for them.

Go away, Cowboys and take the rest of the NFL parasites with you. Your time has come and gone and you’ve lost your entertainment value. America haters aren’t fun to watch and they darn sure aren’t worth supporting with our hard-earned cash. The Siberia Cowboys is catchy, kind of. They don’t have a domed stadium though, that’s a bummer.


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9 Comments on DALLAS COWBOYS Trickery – Taking The National Anthem Out of INSULTING AMERICA

  1. Kelleigh Nelson // September 27, 2017 at 1:41 am // Reply

    Thanks for this Rick, writing now on Kaepernick and will use this

  2. Way back in the day I was a Cowboys and Steelers fan. Done with all of them.

  3. NONE of those Racist players and these Big Shot Billionaire owners are all alike just Money Grubbing JERKS…….the Blacks have it made in America…if they would stop being Thugs, Goons & Criminals the poor dumb…stupid ones …the only difference between them & the so called Big Shot ball players playing with a Dead pig skin is MONEY.

  4. These ingrates make is so easy to turn off the TV on Sunday afternoon. Finally I will get something productive done with those 3 hours.

  5. Even though I’m a native New Yorker, I’ve always rooted for the Cowboys. Last night I watched their joke of “giving the knee” B4 that anthem and then further insult by standing with arms linked during the anthem. Next I expected them to break out and do the Can Can. They didn’t and I changed the station, giving them and all the NFL teams the finger, pledging never to watch or bet on any of them.

  6. Fred A. Hisle // September 26, 2017 at 5:35 pm // Reply

    Dickheads, I hope the nfl goes belly-up.

  7. As a born and raised Texan who has never cared for Jerry Jones and I still do not after tonight. The Cowboys are off my list to never watch again. What a disgusting shame as the Cowboys use to be known as America’s Team. I am truly ticked off and disgusted and this is an embarrassment to Texas and it’s heritage.

    The rat Jerry Jones believe those Texas fans will be proud. They will not! If they do then they are not true Texans so they need to make up their minds either love the country and honor our National Anthem, our Flag and especially our Veterans who have served and many have died for both or gift Jones with your hard earned $$ when you could give to a Veteran’s Charity.

  8. The “Cowboy” team may want to consider changing their name to; “United Idiots”.

  9. Pukes, every last one of these unAmerican creeps that hate our country!

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