Councilman Goes Nuts After He’s Busted At DACA Illegal Amnesty Secret Meeting

al austin illegal ong beach daca amnesty secret meeting

A secret meeting was scheduled for Saturday morning in Long Beach, CA, to push the illegal DACA amnesty. It’s too bad for the organizers that the word got out to the Grindal61 folks.

The event was supposedly being held by California state senator Ricardo Lara, who no-showed once they discovered the patriots had learned of their meeting and were standing by with recording devices at the ready.

The patriots have a history of encounters with Lara that includes banning them from events in the past, lawsuits being filed against him, and him discontinuing events for a while because the patriots were making things uncomfortable. In keeping with his tradition of cowardly subversion against the United States, Lara never showed up.

At about 9:27 am on the clock on the wall, the event workers start packing up, taking down their table apron and loading up the propaganda.

As Gary Gileno says in the video, the anti-Americans are packing up because they showed up and, “and they don’t want to have American citizens hear their treason event promoting illegal immigration, because that’s what they were going to do here today.”

Gileno and his fellow patriots pursue the anti-American activists into the parking lot, giving them an earful and further exposing who and what they are. Included in their number were city council members. One of them is Al Austin, who lost his composure as he was getting into his Cadillac to leave.

As they returned inside one of the open borders activists tell the patriots that they’re “intimidating the people” who were in there to conspire against this country. Treason should be allowed to be conducted in total comfort in front of the citizens it is directed against, apparently.

Councilman Al Austin is captured on video admitting that he is “very happy” to represent illegal aliens. It wasn’t long before he wasn’t quite so happy, once he got an earful of the US citizens voicing their views of his betrayal of his oath and his treason against this nation. Eventually he gets into his Cadillac and drives away. Treason pays well.


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8 Comments on Councilman Goes Nuts After He’s Busted At DACA Illegal Amnesty Secret Meeting

  1. Crack down on this illegal assembling, time to deport DACA they are anti-America, the only thing they dream about is the USA becomes Mexico’s. This councilman should be arrested for treason. DACA is CACA

  2. id call this SUBVERSION AND TREASON.

  3. Watcher (Nancy) // October 1, 2017 at 9:14 am // Reply

    Fat pussy.. smug ___________ individual DRIVING A BIG CUSTOM PAINTED CATTLE-TRAP.
    Bout time the “Walking Dead” in California stopped doing designer drugs and pack up to move to some place where your money doesn’t get spent buying fancy cars and fancy threads for this kind of gutter trash!

  4. Dr Rolland Kerr // October 1, 2017 at 9:11 am // Reply

    Councilman Al Austin may not have learned that one might emerge from the jungle, but he still has jungle behaviors?

  5. Good for those patriots. We need an organized approach to counter these subversive SOBs.

    We need a Nationalist who can fund and organize the same way Soros does. Meet them head on and give them back twice what they give.

  6. Secret meetings of illegal aliens sounds like conspiracy and treason to me. Are they doing this every week now? Saw something similar to this last weekend.

    • Theresa Ronan Price // October 1, 2017 at 10:39 am // Reply

      They’re doing it daily.
      They have not given up the wish for a one world government.
      They are backed by very rich socialist such as george Soros, the clintons, the obamas and more.
      They are behind the scenes still trying their hardest to make America a socialist/communist country.

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