Ann Coulter – Trump Must Get Back on Trump Train – No Amnesty, Build The Wall

ann coulter

Todd Starnes welcomed Ann Coulter for a discussion of the turmoil in the Trump administration and policies, asking, “What went wrong with President Trump?”

She backs up just a bit to the campaign, characterizing it as candidate Trump running against sixteen clowns, leaving us with no choice than to support the one candidate who was not a clown.

Having said that she points out that he’s not experienced at politics and rather than sticking with those that “brung him to the dance,” he populated his administration with globalist Goldman Sachs operatives and purged the winning team. Now he’s virtually unreachable behind the Praetorian Guard of General Kelly and his access permission slips.

She says he needs people around him who are on the Trump train. But no, he hired all people who apparently completely disagree with him on all of the major issues, particularly immigration, that won him the Presidency.”

Coulter references an Axios article from that same say that talks of how “Jared, Ivanka, the Goldman Sachs team of Gary Cohn and Dina Powell and General Kelly, how they all ferociously support DACA, which will legalize not only every illegal in the country right now but all of their extended family and any other foreigners who clamor across the border in the next twenty years.”

She points to the 9th circuit judges sitting at the ready for a Hawaii judge to declare that showing proof someone was here as a child is unfair and allow a free for all, effectively invalidating immigration law and erasing our borders.

Starnes asks “What frustrates you the most about the Trump administration thus far?” She replies, “Well, the open, defiant, breaking of his most central promises, I suppose, I would have to say.”

Coulter expresses her frustration, saying, “We have made it as clear as we can possibly make it. We want less immigration. Stop dumping the third world on the country. Three time Congress, and I mean Republicans, have conspired in the dark of night to try to pass amnesties.” She notes it was the people shutting down the congressional switch board that stopped them.

She says it’s always a winning issue, noting “we just put the most utterly implausible character in the White House because of his stance on immigration, which everyone was screaming bloody murder about. No, these are the winning issues.” She points out that until he started saying crazy stuff, Perot was winning as a third party candidate.

Starnes asks Coulter who needs to go, who needs to leave the White House to right the ship. She says, “Oh, that’s easy, not just the White House but the administration. Everyone,” except President Trump, a couple of cabinet positions, Sessions [who still has done nothing on any Democrat prosecutions], Wilbur Ross at the Department of Commerce and “of course the magnificent speech writer Stephen Miller who may have to primary Trump in 2020 the way things are going.”

She points out we voted for President Trump for the issues and they are still the winning issues that he must embrace to keep this thing together. She’s asked if it’s over for her or if Trump can still woo her back. She answers, “What I want is for Trump to be wooed back to the Trump train. People keep saying are you off the Trump train. No, I’m still on it. 63 million voters are still on it. It is Trump who has left the Trump train.

She stresses he must get back to what got him elected, get rid of the leftists clouding his information and thought processes and build the wall. She clarifies the prospects, saying, “Republicans get wiped out in 2018 and there’s no way he’s even going to run for reelection if he doesn’t build the wall.”


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