Sen Cotton Negotiating Citizenship For Illegals – What Do Americans Get In Return?

tom cotton

Senator Tom Cotton joined Chuck Todd on Sunday’s Meet the Press program, weighing in on President Trump working with Democrats rather than his own party.

Todd says President Trump “Struck a deal on the debt ceiling with Democrats, Republicans weren’t in the room. He apparently seems to strike, at least the outlines of what a deal on DACA will look like, which apparently is no funding for the wall, without Republican leaders in the room. Are you concerned about this?”

Senator Cotton takes the position that there is no deal, that he’s been asked to help craft one by sitting down with Democrats.

He says, “They want to focus on a package of benefits for illegal immigrants. We want to put American workers’ interests first and we’ll do that. But there’s no deal right now and I’m happy to work with the President and Democrats in Congress to try to reach a deal that helps American workers.”

Todd asks, “Do you think the President gave up his leverage by allowing the border wall to be not part of this deal? Democrats made that as part of the insistence. Do you think that was wise by him or not?”

He says, “I don’t think he gave up that leverage, (of course he did) the wall is really a funding matter (for which he could have secured commitments). We’ll have a government funding debate later this year. if you want to give legal status to these 700,000 or so people, who are in their twenties and thirties now, that came here illegally as children, that’s a permanent and irreversible change to American law.”

He continues, “You need to make a permanent and irreversible change in return to protect American workers. And the way to do that is my legislation, the RAISE Act, which will stop unlimited chain migration and re-orient our green card system to high skill workers. That’s the real core of the deal.”

Cotton explains how he believes he has the solution to the problem or at least the best potential for a workable compromise that puts Americans first. And no, it clearly does not have a wall as part of the priorities at this point.The Democrat priority of DACA is being addressed on an urgent basis and the promise of a wall that matters to the President’s base is still being pushed into “someday.”

We’re being conditioned for our eventual acceptance of much of what we fought against.


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5 Comments on Sen Cotton Negotiating Citizenship For Illegals – What Do Americans Get In Return?

  1. Why don’t our government official, NOT, know that ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL. We the American people do NOT want the 800,000 DREAMERS, who are taking Americans DREAMS, their family members, and the millions of other ILLEGALS that are here. We want all of them DEPORTED, and ‘The Wall Build’. Anything less than that would be, ‘treason’, to the American people.

  2. The words that come to mind are “ANARCHY” and “TREASON” What don’t they understand about NO DACA, AMNESTY or anything resembling that? Build the Wall, Deport those suckers!

  3. Senator Cotton needs to stop! I have not always agreed with him and right now I really disagree with him. He can take his agenda for DACA and FORGET it!

  4. I am so sick of all these corrupticians using double speak and nebulous statements. What’s good for Americans in their minds is most likely not what we have in ours. They most likely mean legalization.

  5. 1. Are some people offended by the name of “Cotton”?

    2. Dems never negotiate in a fair manner. They take, take, take, but never give. If the administration or Republicans give in to them, they will get nothing in return but a stab in the back.

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