Corsi – Trump Seeing Preibus, Ryan, McConnell, Soros Alliance Against Him

jerome corsi


Dr. Jerome Corsi has inside information on what’s happening within the battle for the future of America, including the attempts to sink the Presidency of Donald Trump. He’s asked first about the efforts to stall the Trump recovery. Dr. Corsi reveals some critical information that he’s confirmed from meetings during the week in Washington DC.

Corsi says, “It’s clear that, on Capitol Hill, the Ryan and McConnell effort, along with the Democrats, is stall Donald Trump’s program.” He says, “Every time I go to a meeting there’s another report about how some committees are saying it’s going to take months to repeal Medicare, it’s gonna take maybe two years, how tax cuts are complicated. If we let the government be run by Ryan and McConnell, it’s going to be completely a Democrat Party agenda of do nothing but slow down the economy, gradually grind it into a recession or depression. Thankfully, I don’t think Donald Trump is going to stand for it.”

He points to the subversion against the Trump agenda, saying, “Everywhere you turn, even within the White House, there are people working against President Trump.” Corsi says, “I’m even suspicious here of Reince Priebus, who is the Chief of Staff, he’s Republican GOP establishment, and he’s not going to root out of the State Dept, these thousand people who signed this anti-Trump letter, saying that they disapprove of his closing, temporarily, immigration from seven states in the Middle East that even Obama identified as terrorists states. They’ll say it’s really an attack on Islam, it’s not. It’s an attack on terrorists coming into the country from these seven renegade states.”

He points to the plan of Soros operative David Brock at Media Matters to target pro-trump news sources and to partner with Facebook and Google, to censor and restrict, as they have with RickWells.US and are doing with InfoWars and others as well, our ability to be seen by choking off circulation and ranking in search results.

The Brock briefing book can be accessed online here. Corsi describes the plan detailed within as including the branding of opposing, patriotic views as “fake news” and that being used as the means of then silencing them on Facebook and through cutting off search results on Google. They also, says Corsi, target our ad revenues, all of it designed to force us out of existence. Unfortunately, we can attest he’s right about those attacks from personal experience and it’s intensifying.

Corsi says that President Trump also needs to open up the press briefings to more outlets, including bloggers and other online, honest news sources. Additionally, Jones points out, Spicer, Ryan, all of them are directly plugged into this obscene, anti-American, Brock – Google operation.

He raises the problem of the GOP establishment, saying, “I’m very suspect of Priebus still being within the White House. He’s totally GOP establishment and when it comes down to even picking the ambassadors, now that we’ve got.” He’s interrupted by Jones who says, “Let’s just say it, Priebus represents the GOP establishment that’s bought and paid for by George Soros, it’s a fact.” Dr. Corsi agrees, saying, “It’s a fact,” he then references a 2008 article he wrote that identified John McCain as being financed by George Soros.

Corsi reiterates that when Trump understands what is going on he will make immediate changes. He notes that there are a lot of Trump people who are presently being shut out. When Trump realizes that the departments are still packed with John Kerry and Barack Obama supporters, there’s going to be a massive firing out of the bureaucracy.

He closes saying Trump has got to learn how much subversion there is from within, including the White House, and that “the GOP establishment cannot be trusted,” adding that “Priebus is actually trying to get rid of some of the Trump loyalists,” with this interview conducted prior to the resignation of General Flynn. He’s confident that President Trump is catching on and that major changes are on the way.

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