Corrupt, Pandering LA Mayor Garcetti – No Airport Police, Firemen Cooperation With Feds

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Globalist Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) has the customary self-righteous, holier-than-thou, liberal smugness about him as he ordered an increase in the mandated lawlessness in the city and asserted his supposed justifications for violating federal laws.

Garcetti said in a March 21st speech, “In Los Angeles we don’t separate children from their families because it’s inhumane. In Los Angeles we don’t demonize our hard-working neighbors just because they speak a different language or come from a different country, that’s un-American.” Of course it’s not un-American or we wouldn’t have American laws to facilitate such actions and a tradition of deportation and border enforcement. The truth is the opposite of what the liberal and his mob of lawbreaking squatters claim, a preservation of America and the strength of our independent Republic.

Don Rosenberg is invited on the Fox and Friends program to discuss his reaction what is going on in Los Angeles from the perspective of someone whose son was murdered by an illegal alien. They discuss the latest expansion of protections from the law for those who aren’t supposed to be here, with Garcetti having banned airport police and firefighters from cooperating with federal immigration agents.

Abby Huntsman asks, “What’s going on where you are?” Mr. Rosenberg replies, “I guess insanity would be the easy answer.” He says Garcetti “is jeopardizing the health, safety and welfare of everybody in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. If we learned one thing from the 9/11 Commission when it came to terrorism is that law enforcement has to work together. And look at what just happened in England this week. So you had a terrorist, wasn’t on the watch list, could have flown to Los Angeles and he’s telling the Los Angeles police ‘don’t work with the federal authorities’ even at the airport?”

“I mean, it’s criminal behavior on his part,” says Rosenberg. “And then you listen to his other comments which is ‘we don’t separate families.’ Well, yes we do, you separated my family and you’ve separated tens of thousands of families. You never talk about that. You talk about separating families where people have committed crimes and you say that that’s demonizing them? It’s outrageous”

An aspect of that argument that Mr. Rosenberg didn’t pursue is that other violent crimes and crimes committed by American citizens which are enforced result in families being separated every day when those adults are incarcerated. What Garcetti is actually doing is declaring immigration law to be null and void and refusing to cooperate with ICE towards that open borders, globalist, end of America as we know it objective.

Huntsman gives him the opportunity to address Garcetti on national television, with the opportunity to lay into him publicly. Mr. Roseberg says “Well, first I’d tell him to resign, because he took an oath of office which he’s violated. And then I would tell him that he’d better watch out because he needs to be indicted and convicted. He’s violating federal law, he’s obstructing justice and that he needs to stop – if he wants to talk about demonizing. He’s the one doing the demonizing, because he’s comparing  legal, law-abiding immigrants with illegal aliens. So they’re doing the demonizing.”


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