Coroner Says Kim Jong-un Getting Away With Warmbier Murder – Autopsy Not An Option

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The Hamilton County Ohio Coroner, Dr. Lakshmi Sammarco basically tells the world that Kim Jong-un is going to get away with murder and quite possibly torture in the case of Otto Warmbier.

A team of medical doctors of which she was a part was unable to determine the cause of death and believed that an autopsy would do nothing to shed any light on what had happened.

She stated that there was brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen which could have occurred by either discontinuing blood flow to the brain or by his having stopped breathing. She says, “And what caused either one of those possible events, we wouldn’t know.” They don’t have enough evidence to draw any concrete conclusions.

She said that for someone who has been bedridden for more than a year, Warmbier’s body and skin were in excellent condition. There was no evidence of bed sores which means he had to have had round the clock care while in N. Korea.

She notes that there was one scar that they could not explain through medical instrumentation, unlike his other scars. But they have no means of determining its cause and there was nothing aside from that unexplained scar that would indicate conclusively that Warmbier was tortured.

Sammarco stated, “All five doctors in this office had a discussion on, ‘What do you think could be gained by doing an autopsy in this particular case?'” keeping in mind that they believe the insult to him, the severe damage, happened over a year before he came to the US.

She says they felt like there was nothing that would be gained from an autopsy so they honored the family’s wishes. She says they’re never going to know what happened unless a witness comes forward and tells what they know. That isn’t likely to happen while Kim Jong-un is in power.


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7 Comments on Coroner Says Kim Jong-un Getting Away With Warmbier Murder – Autopsy Not An Option

  1. I learned more from the TV appearance of Otto Warmbier’s mother than from the coroner quoted above. Otto’s mother stated it appeared someone had taken pliers and rearranged the boy’s teeth. To me it is beyond doubt that Otto was tortured. I’m wondering if Otto got especially brutal treatment because he’s Jewish.

  2. Watcher (Nancy) // September 29, 2017 at 3:32 am // Reply

    They are not going to do a proper autopsy because “it might INSULT his DEAD body”???
    Who has turned this world into Laa-Laa-Land anyway?
    They hand out a whole bucket of conjecture about what MIGHT had happened to Wambier…. but can “draw no final conclusions” because they won’t LOOK at the corpse to determine what happened…………

    Sounds like they just want to USE Wambier to pump up a good head of righteous outrage in the nob-analytical people of the US so they can somehow justify attacking N. Korea and murdering a few hundred thousand innocent people…..
    What BS… just another “Empty phony weapons of mass destruction” con job!!!!


  4. But I am 100% sure they held him against his will for all that time. Guilty.

  5. Kelleigh Nelson // September 28, 2017 at 8:31 pm // Reply

    I think he pisses off a lot of people, especially our President. I’m really surprised at the restraint of our government, bet me the neo-cons and liberals would love war.

  6. Somehow, that little rocket-man just pisses me off.

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