Cornyn Begins “Negotiations” For Republican SURRENDER on DACA Amnesty

Establishment tool John Cornyn offered the first draft of the GOP DACA amnesty bill, which Dems rejected. He promised to come back with a sweeter deal selling out America

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Once again Republicans are attempting to proactively negotiate a surrender and a betrayal of the American people with their globalist Democrats allies, the obstructionists, the “my way or the highway” crowd that seems to inevitably get their way.

Senator Charles Grassley appointed Mitch McConnell’s number two establishment toadie, John Cornyn (R-TX), to handle the sellout arrangements. So-called border security that excluded the wall was as far as the RINO went in fulfilling the wishes of American patriots. Without the wall it’s not border security but merely the false claims and illusions of such.

The deal Cornyn came up with left out a border wall or fence but did include legal status for the DACA illegals, a sellout of the American people. The obstinate Democrats, led by Dick Durbin (D-IL) rejected it anyway because it didn’t go so far as to offer US citizenship to the illegals.

Durbin won’t even respond to the Cornyn group’s offer. They’re accustomed to insisting on getting their way and having Republicans cave at the last minute when they are threatened with being accused of shutting down the government. What we’re witnessing now is the familiar theatrics leading up to their surrender.

Cornyn said the Republicans are “looking at other ways forward,” early language for finding a way to concede to their demands. Cornyn added, “I think you’ll be hearing more on that topic maybe as early as next week.”

With the just-announced verdict in the Kate Steinle murder case and the decision by the perverted San Francisco jury to let the illegal alien murderer off the hook, the mood among the American people to tolerate these illegals in our midst may take a deserved shift away from compromise.

Having suffered that outrage and insult to our countrymen who have lost family members to this plague of the illegal locusts, we Americans may actually now have the resolve to demand the ouster of not only the illegals themselves, but the bums in Congress protecting and enabling them as well.

Cornyn’s group didn’t even include sanctuary city sanctions and a legislative fix as part of their draft. It was already unacceptable to American patriots and yet, having been rejected by the globalists, Cornyn is now returning to craft a deal that is sweeter to the open border tastes and more bitter to conservatives.

Durbin was quoted in his rejection as stating, “It was a 460-page border security bill by Sen. Cornyn. I told him that is just not gonna happen. It didn’t even accept the Dream Act.”

Signaling he needs the protective cover of the appearance of negotiations in order to give Durbin and the globalists everything they demand, Cornyn complained, “Well I’m not going to negotiate with myself, we’re interested in what they’re willing to offer us on our priorities.”

Fellow open border establishment tool and Speaker, Paul Ryan, sounded a little less anxious to surrender than he was in 2015 when he tacked an extra year of compliance with Democrats to Obama’s Christmas wish list.

Ryan said on Thursday, “The deadline’s March, as far as I understand it. We’ve got other deadlines in front of that, like fiscal year deadlines and appropriation deadlines.” He added, if Democrats “want to get to a solution, they ought to come to the table and start talking.”

Congress can save us the theatrics. Barring intervention by President Trump, the plan will be to arrive at a bill that gives the DACA illegals citizenship and provides a weak, easy to not enforce “security” component to the border which will be ignored by future globalist administrations.

They will then present it to the American livestock as the last best effort Republicans could get to avoid a “government shutdown,” one that would still allow them to get home in time for their “well-deserved” Christmas vacations.

Shut it down, you spineless traitors and take a permanent vacation. The parts of government that continue to operate are the only parts we really need anyway. Leave things to the states as originally intended. We the people have no use for treasonous scum.


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What is a real sellout is that Trump is not fighting for deportation of the illegals, and seems to signal that he is on board. Turning it over to Congress is a sure sign of amnesty.

They will mind herd the public .. “biggest tax cut in history, big, beautiful, wonderful, bigly”….. and while everyone claps for the sham the amnesty will fly through.

What should I ask those that support the amnesty of an Illegal Alien child (DACA)? The true begging questions are: Would they be here at all if it were not in the commission of a crime against the United States? Would they be here at all if it were not for their parents being invaders of the United States? Would they be here at all if the borders were secure? Would they be here at all if their criminal parents were honorable people wishing to become upstanding citizens of the United States through proper and legal immigration procedures? The answers to all of these questions is obvious. The people that came to our country illegally did so with the intent of circumventing our laws and blackmailing the citizens of the United States into providing for the welfare of their illegal children. NONE of these people are or were slave children/ slaves themselves or political refugees that applied for amnesty from persecution. They came as thieves in the night to steal jobs, social program benefits and defraud the American Tax system. They came to send America dollars back to the country they came from not to spend their illegally gained paycheck… Read more »

as I’ve said to others i will say here.

Yep, McConnell’s bagman does his dirty work.