Dem Conyers’ Congress Bordello – Tax Money For Sex, Employees Were His Pimps, Victims

Dem Congressman John Conyers fired an employee for refusing sex and ran his office like a bordello to satisfy his own desires at taxpayer expense. Four women…

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Michigan Democrat Rep John Conyers, always quick to point out the shortcomings in Republicans, will be spending his immediate future making excuses and attempting to minimize his sexual misconduct that occurred in his office and elsewhere while on official business.

Word comes via BuzzFeed that in 2015 Conyers settled a wrongful dismissal complaint that he fired a former employee because she refused his sexual advances. Included in the supporting documents are four signed affidavits from former staff members, that document Conyers’ alleged sexual harassment.

He is said to have made repeated sexual advances to female staff members that included asking for sexual favors. They were also dispatched to contact and transport other women they assumed Conyers was having affairs with, unwanted touching of the staffers, rubbing their hands, legs and backs in public.

The woman who was dismissed says she has since been the victim of blackballing. She said upon filing her case in 2014 she was introduced to the process of the Congress Office of Compliance. She wound up with just over $27,000, no job and a forced non-disclosure agreement.

Congress, unlike well run operations in the private sector, has no human resources department. Congressional employees have 180 days to report incidences to the Office of Compliance, beginning a drawn out and cumbersome process that includes counseling, meditation and a confidentiality agreement at the outset.

One might wonder why mediation is required in the filing of a report of sexual harassment. Is the victim supposed to ponder whether or not it would have been better to have just given in? Once the first 90 days requirements have been met the victim can decide to take the matter to federal district court or to have an administrative hearing, negotiation and a probable settlement.

The $27,111 settlement the woman made with Conyers took the form of an agreement, in exchange for her silence, to be rehired on paper as a temporary employee, paid in that manner for three months without ever coming into the office and doing any work, and then being terminated after 90 days, all on the taxpayer’s dime.

But Conyers has been busy. Two staffers asserted in their affidavits that Rep Conyers used “congressional resources,” either our money or our planes or both, to fly women in that they believe he was having affairs with. Another woman stated she was directed to chauffeur women to and from Conyers’ apartment and hotel rooms.

The former employee described in her complaint Conyers repeatedly asking her for sexual favors and frequently asking her to come to his hotel room. She specifically relayed an incident in which Conyers asked her to work from his hotel room for the evening.

When she arrived the congressman shifted the conversation to his own sexual desires alleging that he told her to “touch it,” referring to his genitals. He gave her the option of finding him a woman who would if she declined.

She alleges that Conyers made her work nights, evenings, and holidays to keep him company, and once told her to “just cuddle up with me and caress me before you go” after refusing his advances.

Conyers allegedly used his notoriety as a “civil rights” leader a founding member of the racist black supremacy group, the Congressional Black Caucus to intimidate the women away from reporting his behavior. Intimidation is the Conyers game, among many others. Whether threatening through the CBC or simple abuse of power, he’s been at it for a lot of years.

It’s time for the people of the United States to know just what kind of debased hypocrite trash is controlling us out of the DC swamp, and start draining it ourselves.


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4 Comments on Dem Conyers’ Congress Bordello – Tax Money For Sex, Employees Were His Pimps, Victims

  1. It’s time for them to release the names of the Congress perps and how much they owe the taxpayers for unknowingly providing them with “hush money.” The perverts and pedophiles should all resign .. and then we would have a very small Congress, wouldn’t we? The only cost-cutting suggestion so far.

  2. It is time for a new party that has integrity, morals, and a view toward returning us to principles the country was founded on.

  3. What a low rent pig! This creep also had a creepy wife who got fired from her job for trying to scam them! Get rid of them all and do away with the fund to rescue them!! I’d love to see how many liberals vs how many conservatives the fund as rescued!

  4. what’s that old saying.

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