Conway Not Impressed By Potty-Mouth Celebrities, Feminist Rants

kellyanne conway


Kellyanne Conway makes the point that the clear objective of the Women’s March in DC was to attack President Trump. She makes several persuasive points in her interview, among them the fact that rather than ranting and cursing about the reality that their candidate lost in a public effort to demean him, they could have sought a dialogue. Nobody requested a meeting with her, although the event was a thinly veiled two-pronged attack by George Soros advocacy groups and the abortionists at Planned Parenthood. It’s not likely they would have had much to talk about.

She points out, “You have celebrities from the podium, using profanity laced insults. You have a very prominent singer, who’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars, not going over to women’s [organizations] here in DC to write a check, but instead saying that she’s thought of burning down the White House. Well, this is destructive, and I’ve read in an article or two that the Secret Service may be investigating that.”

She points out the same rhetoric that was being vented at the women’s event was the junk they were hearing all through the election. “And that whole messaging and their candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost. Twenty-nine to thirty million women voted for Donald Trump, their voices are heard as well, they should be respected. She notes that it is President Trump who is “here for the forgotten men and women” of America and the contrast between his positive, optimistic message and the dark hate of the leftists under a pink banner.

As he tries to interrupt her from making the point several times, Conway asks Clinton insider George Stephanopoulos, the “unbiased” ABC fake news questioner, “Guess who was conspicuous by their absence yesterday? ‘president’ Obama, Secretary Clinton, they were up on the platform applauding and embracing President Trump. They weren’t here marching with women.

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