Conway Hints Priebus Leaker “Using Press As Shiv To The Ribs”

kellyanne conway

Kellyanne Conway joined the Fox and Friends cast to discuss the situation with Anthony Scaramucci’s financial disclosure forms, who might be responsible, the leak problem in general and tensions between Scaramucci and Reince Priebus in particular.

They recap a tweet sent out by Scaramucci in which he stated, “In light of the lead of my financial disclosure information, which is a felony, I will be contacting the FBI and the DOJ #swamp @Reince45.” Ainsley Earhardt asks why the last reference to Priebus was included in the tweet.

Conway says she’s has discussions with both Scaramucci and President Trump that morning on the matter, saying, “We just have to cut down on people thinking it’s cute and it makes them popular and it somehow enhances their resume and their portfolio for later on, to curry favor with folks who are more interested in covering the style and not the substance here.”

She stresses the importance of the inclusion in the tweet the portion about the FBI and DOJ, saying, “He’s making it clear that even though these documents are eventually procurable, publicly, that somebody doesn’t want him here. And somebody is trying to get in his way and scare him off from working here, which is a huge mistake.”

Conway continues, “Number two, there’s so many qualified men and women who wanted to serve this President, this administration and their country, who have been completely demoralized and completely, I think disinclined to do so, based upon the paperwork that we have to put forward, divesting assets, the different hoops you have to run through.”

She says, “Now, there are leaks and there are people using the press to shiv each other in the ribs, that’s different than a leak.” One could draw an easy inference from her comments that her belief and that of President Trump and Scaramucci is that Reince Priebus is responsible for both kinds. Conway says, “The other thing that’s going on here is people currying favor with the press, getting their own positive coverage by hurting their colleagues here. That is a complete disservice to the President.”

Doocy tells Conway, “We’re avoiding the elephant in the room. Is Reince Priebus the big leaker or at least one of the big leakers, because that’s what it looks like in that particular tweet that Scaramucci sent out yesterday. And according to the National Journal, apparently Mr. Scaramucci did report Reince to the FBI, as a leaker.”

She says, “I’m not aware of the latter. I will just tell you leakers are easier to figure out than they may think, that this West Wing is a very small place. And I will say for me, I’m the jerk who hired a chief of staff, right? Because I thought we were supposed to work on policy, not free press or comms assistants, because we’re not here to curate images, we’re not here to read about ourselves.”

Nowhere in that reply was there a denial that Priebus is the one with the loose lips. She made a convoluted response, usually a strong indicator that the person answering is trying to avoid saying something.

She goes on to telegraph upcoming actions against leaks in the intelligence agencies and others involving foreign affairs, Obama holdovers, and the stepped up efforts of AG Jeff Sessions in getting a handle on them.

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