Contemptible Chuck Twists Comey Firing To Demand Special Prosecutor In Russia Hoax

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The most despicable Democrat in Washington Swamp, outside of Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, is Chuck Schumer. Although Pelosi and Schiff give him a run for our money, it’s a position of notoriety that he once again demonstrated, despite all of the stiff competition, he is uniquely qualified to hold.

Schumer conducted himself in a typical aggressive, partisan manner on Tuesday, following the firing of Jim Comey. He twisted it into a political talking point for advancing the Democrat agenda, lashing out at the Trump administration and accusing them of impropriety.

Schumer starts the briefing by recalling his earlier conversation with President Trump and depicting himself as his typical tough guy. It’s the image he always tries to project when he isn’t fake crying about stranded terrorists unable to enter the US. Schumer says he warned President Trump, “You’re making a big mistake.”

Schumer goes into his partisan diatribe saying, “The first question the administration has to answer is ‘why now.'” Actually, Schumer, he doesn’t have to answer that or any other question. The FBI Director serves at the pleasure of the President, who stuck with the duplicitous Democrat operative longer than he should have. If you don’t like it, find a New York or Maryland beach and get some sand on your hands, pound away.

What does he mean “if” the administration had objections to the way Comey handled or mishandled the Clinton investigation. It was a partisan cover up, of course they don’t like it. The replacement won’t fabricate evidence, but he won’t ignore it either. What’s gotten under the Democrat skin is that Hillary Clinton and her corrupt co-conspirator husband may now be called to account for their crimes.

 Noting that President Trump didn’t fire Comey on day one, he asks why did it happen today? Probably because Comey kept changing his story and became an increasingly more obvious lying participant in the partisanship that undermined the FBI and the DOJ under Obama.

He goes on to repeat the lie that the Clinton Obama cover story, that there was Russian interference in the elections, when just the day before, former DNI James Clapper once again stated that there was no evidence to support those claims. Clinton blamed Comey for her loss just last week in a pathetic public display, why aren’t they celebrating his departure?

Schumer cites three separate investigations, by the House, Senate and FBI, none of which has produced any evidence supporting his allegations. Still he goes on to somehow speculate that the firing was because the FBI was suddenly getting too close.

Perhaps it was the suspicious behavior of the now-former FBI Director that was indicative of some impropriety. As Senator Lindsey Graham put it following the hearings with Clapper and Yates, “What I don’t get is how the FBI can have a counter-intelligence investigation suggesting collusion and you, as director of national intelligence, not know about it and the FBI sign on to a report basically saying there is no collusion,” just one of a multitude of inconsistencies that first exploded on July 5th of last year.

He goes on to use this firing as a weak premise for yet another call to turn the Russian witch hunt into a Democrat Russian witch burning, by appointing a special prosecutor to go after the Trump Administration.

Schumer is sickening. He’s an anti-American hack who will stop at nothing, including the destruction of our nation, to enhance and entrench the Democrat Party power, regardless of the consequences. Schumer calls on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to be his proxy and appoint the special prosecutor he and his fellow Democrats so desperately want.

The Vile Democrat goes on to call the firing of the corrupt Comey “part of a troubling pattern, noting the firing of the insubordinate acting political hack AG Sally Yates and all of the remaining US Attorneys, although he chose to only identify one for political reasons, the one from Schumer’s district, Preet Bharara. Schumer’s Democrats don’t tolerate division among their ranks but apparently he expects insubordination and subversion to be tolerated by the President. 

About that sand, can we help you out with directions to the beach, scumbag?

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