Conservative Arrested For Using A Camera, Leftist Reporter Allowed To Record It

gileno cuffed video camera

Gary Gileno of Grindall61 reports that he was just handcuffed and given a $280 fine and a notice to appear for attempting to video tape in a federal building in Pasadena in the Peoples’ Republic of California. He’s been to the building before and videotaped in there a year ago.

Authoritarianism travels fast when Democrats are in charge and these days videotaping will get you treated like they used to treat illegal aliens in this country, handcuffed and hauled away.

Gileno explains that the reason they were at this location today was to attend the monthly LA County Sheriff’s oversight civilian committee meeting. That meeting is normally held at a different location, but on this day it’s being held inside this federal fortress where the Praetorian Guards claim a court order is required to exercise the First Amendment privileges contained in the Bill of Privileges, formerly known as rights.

Gileno pointed out that the California “Brown Act” allows him to photograph and to comment. That may be the law but that’s not how it’s being enforced, as the events demonstrate. When he started taping their refusal to allow him to tape, the ending came rather quickly. He was cuffed and hustled off.

“So this is what goes on in America,” says Gileno. “You’ve got illegal aliens running amok in California. I just found out In my city of West Covina, if you’re homeless, you’re allowed to shoplift, because the police say that the crime is too small.”

He continues, “But if you come into this building with the weapon of a camera, just a camera, they will slap cuffs on you, detain you for an hour, and I am being charged with failure to comply with the lawful direction of authorized individuals, a court security officer.

The video shows what happened. Apparently they don’t want anyone seeing what they’re up to or maybe how much detail the scanners capture of your anatomy. They’ll probably say it’s protection against terrorists and their plots. They’d never simply enter, draw notes on a piece of paper, and go from there.

It’s easy to arrest a fairly agreeable, civilized American. The officer wouldn’t stand a chance against a terrorist wanting to kill someone, with or without a camera being used to document the events. What’s more likely is that the site was chosen because they planned to prohibit the citizens from recording the events and it was the least obvious way to do so.

As he’s being cuffed the incident was being recorded by a camera held by an LA Times reporter in full view of the officer, who did nothing to prevent it.


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