Congressman – Trump Can Win, Better Than 90% Of Congress

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Congressman – Trump May Be Only One of Sixteen That Can Win

Better, More Integrity Than 90% Of Congress

Rep Thomas Massie (R-KY) was interviewed by Timothy Carney of the Washington Examiner at the Republican National Convention in which Trump was nominated. He started by asking a question that would in other years, when the establishment got their way, would have been a silly question.

This year, with the establishment temper tantrums and the self-destructive tendencies among some of those with the larger names, egos to match and less impressive patriotic credentials, “who will you be voting for in November” is a question that must be asked. For the record, Massie is voting for the candidate that loves his country more than himself; he’s voting for Donald Trump.

He had some other interesting comments, as one would expect from Massie, one of the few good guys that inhabit the snake den of Congress. He said that Trump is better than ninety percent of the congressmen he serves with right now.

He pointed to the fact that nobody owns him puts him above a lot of them. He’s also got real business experience, more than a single lawyer practice or doctor’s office. He said, “If I see another candidate that runs as a small businessman that was a lawyer or a doctor that had, like, a personal practice, I’m gonna scream. Because they never had a board of directors, they never had a balance sheet, they never had marketing, they never had product development, I mean they never had a real business, per se. He’s done that, multiple times.”

Asked if he thought Trump could hurt the cause of liberty, Massie responded that Trump is likely the only one of the 17 candidates that could win, given the changing demographics of the nation. Massie said, “He might be the only one of the 17 that ran in this primary that could win in the general election. Numerically, with the message we had, we were almost stillborn going into the general with the electoral map that exists. Trump has changed the map. Pennsylvania’s in play. Michigan’s in play.

Carney repeats a common misleading assertion, that Trump is anti-free trade.  There’s nothing free about the structured monstrosities aside from the freedom of the crafters to pillage the people of the United States. Those are agreements that cover much more than trade, as the TPP which formed a separated judicial system, international oversight of domestic US affairs, including immigration and matters of sovereignty and preferential opportunities for those who wrote the document, the corporate fascist pirates.

Massie said, “I’ve heard him say he’s for bilateral trade deals, not these giant things where we give up a lot of our sovereignty. … I’m not a big fan of the World Trade Organization myself. I just watched us change our labeling requirements on food in this country because the World Trade Organization told us to. … I don’t think that just because you’re for sovereignty, you’re against trade.”

Could common sense and sound judgment possibly be mounting a comeback after so many years of insanity and idiocy? You can’t be great again if you operate your country like a bunch of losers.

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