Congressman Holds “No American Citizens Allowed” DACA Secret Meeting

daca recipents only

A meeting to organize agitators in the Democrat effort for open borders was held on Thursday by Rep Pete Aguilar (D-CA).

It’s the beginning of the next phase, their drive for an amnesty for the segment of the foreign squatter population the politicians have chosen to label as “dreamers,” the foreign-born anchor babies.

The patriots at Grindall61 got wind of what was supposed to have been a secret meeting and went for a look themselves. The anti-American forces made many attempts to keep them out, all of which were successfully countered by their arguments and prudent use of video cameras.

At first the event organizers attempted to screen out the white patriots, asking, “Do you have a student ID or a California Driver’s License?” Once that false argument was successfully exposed for what it was the anti-American bigots attempted to simply deny access.

Boris Medzhibovsky, Aguilar’s well-paid chief of staff, blocks the path to the door and states, “This event is only open to DACA recipients and ‘dreamers.'” That drew outrage from the Grinadall61 folks, who observed, “Wow, it’s open to illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens can go in there” but American citizens aren’t allowed in the room when their Congressman is making a statement, plotting and conducting a meeting. The “more reasonable” individual on the event organizer side of things reversed the position, stating that they’d be allowed in provided they didn’t leaflet and showed ID.

The logical question was asked if the illegals have to show ID to get in. No response is seen being given to that question, one they’d typically ignore. Gary Gileno, the voice behind the camera, says, “I don’t care if you think you’re doing us a favor. Why are these bigots not letting me in? Why can’t I get in? What’s going to happen if I try to walk in? Why can’t I go inside?”

One of the security guards puts his hand to prevent another patriot from entering and is immediately accused of assault and battery. Eventually, after attempting to prevent Gileno and the others from entering, the police officer allows them in.

After completing his presentation, the infiltration by the Americans into what was supposed to be a secret meeting prompted a pow-wow between Medzhibovsky and Aguilar about how they were going to proceed with the question and answer portion. One must exercise extra caution when the enemy American citizens are in their midst and recording what they were up to.

The first question of Aguilar is who is going to pay for this mess. Of course, his answer is “nobody, it’s free.” That simplistic lie didn’t fly but he tap danced around the issue. The Americans are going to pay for it, our wealth is being redistributed. This filthy scum, Aguilar and those he’s working to empower are complicit criminals engaged in the pilferage of the United States and its people.

They’re getting away with it in California and elsewhere although, thanks to the efforts of patriotic Americans, we’ve got videos such as this with which to sound the alarm and rally the troops.

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5 Comments on Congressman Holds “No American Citizens Allowed” DACA Secret Meeting

  1. Not being a Constitutional lawyer I don’t know what is possible, but I would just believe that with “us” (used loosely), controlling all 3 branches, we could certainly take a hard and successful stance against this subversion.

    So far, our hero, seems more geared toward aiding the junta to continue the takeover.

  2. The American citizens who voted for this POS should know he does not represent them and never will. I’m not sure he didn’t win by illegal alien votes, unless his election was fraudulent.

    Fmr. USCIS Investigator: There’s a ‘Huge’ Amount of Fraud in DACA | LifeZette

  3. Deport the daca supporters along with the anchor babies, and their families.

  4. Dr Rolland Kerr // September 23, 2017 at 10:39 am // Reply

    DEPORT All Illegal Invaders Pronto!

  5. Looks like Aguilar is one of the heads of an invasion force. He’s trying to give away our country and our rights. Why in the world is he a congressman, even a Democrat congressman? He is one of those who refuses to become American. Somebody should vote him out ASAP.

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