Congress Mafia Type Threatens Trump – Take Russian Sanctions Or It Will Be Worse

adam schiff

adam schiff

Democrat Congressman Adam “Shifty” Schiff of California, has some advice for the Trump administration that they would take “if they were smart or shrewd politically.” Smart in this case means aligned with this snake, who was forced by Tucker Carlson to admit on-air that his claims that the Russians had hacked the DNC lacked any proof that pointed directly to them.


Being exposed as a war-monger representing the establishment drew the ire and death stares as well as some very childish comments from Schiff, but he was exposed, so that’s how we would expect a dishonest Democrat to react, particularly while they’re still trying to push the false narrative, lead America into an escalation of tensions and possibly even war with Russia. All because Hillary Clinton can’t take care of her campaign emails any better than she could the State Department ones she was selling to the highest bidder.

In attempting to sell Trump on the job well done by the Obama regime of retaliating for what likely never even took place to begin with, Shifty Schiff tells ABC’s Jonathan Karl that the shrewd response of the Trump team would be to say, “Look, he took care of the reprisals, it didn’t really throw off relations with Russia in terms of how I’m going to start out my presidency, he cleaned the deck for me.”

Schiff says, “If he’s smart that’s the view he’ll take. Frankly, though, in Congress, we don’t share that view. We think that more has to be done. We don’t think that, frankly, the steps that have been taken are enough of a deterrent. You’re going to see bi-partisan support in Congress for stronger sanctions against Russia.”


Okay, Schiff, since you’re making lame arguments on both sides of the issue, how does letting the face-saving insults against Russia stand benefit the nation or Mr. Trump’s administration if they were as they appear to be, a totally unfounded swipe by the girly pretend ‘president’ at Putin to make himself look like a tough guy on the way out the door? How has Obama cleared the deck when he has added another issue, that of the illegitimate sanctions, to the Trump “to fix” list?

War-monger and establishment puppet Schiff has as his allies other indentured servants to the military industrial complex, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. He’s asked what the reaction of Congress will be to a move by Trump to undo the Obama sanctions. Schiff replies, “The reaction is going to be even more vigorous, I’m convinced, in favor of stronger sanctions against Russia. You’re going to see Democrats and Republicans like McCain and Graham and others, [RINO Establishment political prostitutes] come together with a strong sanctions package.

So the way it’s being presented by the little Congressional mobster is that Trump can either do the shrewd thing or do the foolish thing and risk butting heads with wienie Democrats such as yourself and a couple of worthless piece of crap RINOs that he already fought against the entire campaign and must fully expect to face as adversaries throughout his presidency. Maybe Mr. Trump is Shrewd enough to know that he can’t let pissant such as those you just identified dictate to him what he will or will not do as president, or more correctly, be dictated to by those who purchased you.


Don’t worry about counseling Mr. Trump on whether or not he’s got the goods to carry out the job, concern yourself with covering up your treachery, as it’s already showing and he isn’t even in office yet. You, Rep Schiff, may want to get the number of that Trump truck that is about to run you over. It’s obvious you lack the shrewdness and are too slow in the head to get out of the way.

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9 Comments on Congress Mafia Type Threatens Trump – Take Russian Sanctions Or It Will Be Worse

  1. No matter where you live, it is likely you have a congressman who needs to be removed from office. It is now time to start the search and recruitment of good candidates. Without good challengers, there’s no way to vote the aholes out. Start NOW! We have begun in NW Georgia. We have electeds at all levels of government that need to hit the road in 2018.

  2. adam ‘puzzie boy’ schift is from Calif.; more than enough said. These liberal jack-holes are on a mission to finish the destruction of America.

  3. Debunked! James Clapper NO strong evidence on Russian hacks.

  4. Schiff runs his mouth without thinking. Sooner or later the “movement” will shut his ass down if he keeps threatening our next President.

  5. These dimwit bozos have done everything that they could to get this nation into war with Russia. It’s crass stupidity – modeled by this particular dimwit bozo. And, of course, BEING a dimwit bozo, he THINKS he’s “real smart.”

  6. Is there anything at all that trunk can do to this idiot Democrat basically threatening him. Can he be disciplined or sanction himself or something done to retaliate and let him know what he is doing is not right. I don’t believe Congressman should act like that and it’s time to start cleaning house if the Democrats have enough brains in there ass to vote some of these people out

  7. Sounds like Schiff wants to be a partner to John and Lindsey. Perhaps they will include him in their future travel and lodging plans? And, if we’re lucky, maybe the plane will go down?

  8. Like I said, do NOT re-elect any member from this Congress, not one of them because no matter how many times they told you what you wanted to hear, they violated their oath of office every time they allowed obama to get away with his tyranny. Congressional elections are coming up – be prepared, know their names, and choose the other guy!

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