Congress Calls This Border Security – Tijuana Fence That Just Stops And 1 CBP Officer

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There used to be a kids’ toy for boys, back when gender differences weren’t only accepted but embraced, called “Johnny Seven, OMA – The One Man Army.”  It was a toy gun, in a time before the spread of political correctness infection, when toy guns had yet to be branded as implements of deranged child abuse responsible for creating psychopathic adults. Johnny Seven, OMA was a gun that could do everything and shoot everything, in the mind of a child.

Today the real Johnny Seven, OMA is a Border Patrol agent who defends, from his small single vehicle, a large stretch of open border between the US and Mexico. The geniuses in Congress understand, America doesn’t need to build a wall, we just need to hire a bunch of these supermen, wherever they come from.

The videographers of Grindall61 took a drive into a shopping center that is adjacent to the border fence. It’s a tall fence that, while not possessing the deterrent capacity of a wall, would certainly help in repelling invaders from our foreign enemy to the south. They follow the fence line down the property, behind the building, to the end. Yes, the big fence just suddenly ends and is replaced with a waist-high insult or joke of a fence. It’s the kind of barrier more fitting to keep the neighbor’s chihuahua out of your garden. It’s enough, they’d have us believe, because Johnny Seven, The CBP OMA is on the job.

The video was taken during daylight hours, which is better for illustrating the nature of the physical layout, but not wholly representative of the threat. Nighttime must be prime time for illegal border crossings. Patience is key, amigos. There are limits to what even an OMA can do when facing multiple threats, when illegals surge across from different locations, drawing them away from the area they’re defending to another. Each vacant, unprotected location becomes a new target, the next path of illegal entry. They do have lighting, at least in the areas where the fence exists. It’s helpful in estimating how many got through.

It’s almost as if the goal was deception all along. To cover the portions of the border visible from the highway with fencing so that the Americans wouldn’t be aware of the blatant security failures. They would assume that the fence continues on, because, heck, nobody is stupid enough to build a fence that just ends. Our government isn’t staffed with stupid, bungling people. That’s true, but it was led by corrupt anti-Americans who were facilitating the invasion. That’s worse than stupidity or ineptitude.

Does it not make sense that the open border globalists would provide the illusion of security while still maintaining the vulnerabilities in every way possible? It’s a matter of prioritizing, of funding. Jeh Johnson, Congress and Obama would have secured the border, but the part that was going to buy the rest of the fence went to the “greater good” of fighting the climate boogeyman, priorities. It paid off – no border crashers where struck by lightning this year.

It’s worth remembering that Democrats and establishment RINOs like Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX),  John McCain and Lindsey Graham aren’t supporting the border wall and only $1.5 billion was allocated for fence construction in the current budget, a pittance.

Why can’t we have security instead of deliberate vulnerability? What problem do they have with American remaining a soverign nation? They’re globalists and they hate this country. Their actions speak louder than their lying words.

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  1. I’m sure the corrupticians get their payoffs yearly and not all at once. This why year after year we, the people, always lose.

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