Homan says the border issue could be fixed easily and DHS gave Congress the solutions months ago. The DC swamp traitors just refuse to protect us from invasion…

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Deputy Ice Director Tom Homan addresses the Uniparty globalist/RINO self-imposed restraints that make border security virtually impossible to achieve, citing the squatter caravan from Central America as an example of just how badly the open borders traitors have compromised and diminished our nation’s ability to defend itself from invasion.   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Tucker Carlson notes that while some of the illegals may opt to sneak across, many will simply surrender and demand asylum, which gives them a court date and a ticket out into American society. Obama and his corruptocrats, working in conjunction with their well-positioned activist judges have really gotten one over on America this time.

Carlson asks if it would be possible for those enforcing our immigration policies to simply say to the squatters, “You are not residents, you have no legal right to come in, no you can’t cross the border.” Homan takes a minute to note that if they were really seeking asylum they just passed through Mexico, which had offered them asylum, so that’s not it. They are breaking into America.

Homan says that Congress needs to  act to correct the serious problems with our ability to enforce the border. He says, “We sent a list of legislative fixes and loop holes they need to address. For instance, the thresholds on claiming fear are so low, nearly ninety percent of people that claim fear will get a reasonable fear ‘yes’ from CIS because the thresholds are so low.”

“Then they go see a judge,” says Homan, “if they ever show up to see a judge. Those approvals are much lower, like thirty percent. So we can fix that. And we need to move those hearings up in front of an immigration judge so that they have that formal hearing, most of them do not get the fear finding because they don’t have a credible case to present, and they need to be quickly removed.”

Homan points to a counterproductive decision from the insane liberals in the Ninth Circuit, which prevents them from holding squatter family units for longer than 20 days. Since they “can’t possibly have a hearing in front of a judge that quick,” the system breaks down and they are released, not into Mexico, but into the United States, and their lawbreaking is rewarded.

Homan says that if Congress really wants to help control the border they need to address the loop holes, which ICE,  CBP and DHS informed them of months ago. Carlson makes a simple observation that underpins the problem, saying, “I bet they don’t want to.”

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