Commie Bernie Sanders – Trump Can’t Speak Truth About Obama Corrupted Intel Agencies

Commie Bernie Sanders blasted President Trump for doing what real presidents do, meeting foreign leaders and recognizing intel agency BS when they see it. He’s supposed to…

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Leave it to Bernie Sanders to put the characteristic Pravda spin on the normal behavior and duty of a United States President and attempt to turn it into something shady. John Dickerson questions comrade Sanders on a tweet of his earlier in the morning.

The contemptible commie put his ignorance and corruption on full display, tweeting, “Well, at least Trump is consistent. Abroad he has never met a leader of an authoritarian nation (Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Philippines) that he hasn’t liked. At home he shows contempt for the US Constitution and democracy.”

There’s a lot wrong with that tweet, not the least of which is the characterization of the Philippines, a constitutional republic modeled after our own, as an authoritarian nation. It’s not. They have a leader who is, unlike the globalist Democrats, also putting his nation first, challenging the drug epidemic, organized crime and state actors involved and the terrorists Democrats court.

Trump, unlike the Democrat illegal alien impostor that preceded him, respects the Constitution of the nation that they are attempting to destroy. Sanders is lying.

Host John Dickerson calls him on the remarks, asking, “Is that really fair? ‘President’ Obama hosted a state dinner with the Chinese President, he was quite solicitous of the Saudi King and he tried a reset with Putin in Russia.” He also bowed to the Saudi King, something Dickerson doesn’t mention.

He asks, “Isn’t this what Presidents do?” The lies, exaggerations and distortions come fast and furious once his foul America-hating lips start moving.

Sanders replies, “You want to make friendships, you want to have good relationships. But at the same time as we have a President attacking the media every day as fake news, encouraging Republican governors around the country to suppress the vote, playing the race card in the sense of trying to divide us up by the color of our skin or by the country that we came from, while he’s doing all of these things he has wonderful things to say about Mr. Putin.”

Of course the reason that he labels the fake news as he does is because of the liberal bias and the fact that it is more leftist propaganda than news. He encourages all governors around the country to police their voter rolls to ensure the sanctity of the ballot, it’s just that the only ones to oppose illegal voting are the Republicans. If the globalist Democrats weren’t trying to steal elections with illegitimate votes, they’d be protecting the process as well.

President Trump never plays the race card, it’s the Democrats, often members of the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, CAIR, unions and those with their hands extended palm up to the rest of us that play that card and vilify white people for being white. The notion of white privilege is a fabrication of black supremacists and parasites they created as a tool of intimidation, forced concessions and demands for capitulation.

Sanders chooses to ignore the statement of President Trump that he has confidence in the intelligence agencies under their current leadership, that it was the corruption of Obama political hacks, Brennan, Clapper and Comey that tainted the assessment, in addition to the complete lack of evidence and his personal knowledge that none of it is true.

He distorts it into a statement that President Trump believes Putin over the intelligence agencies, calling it absurd. What’s absurd is the distorted crap dribbling out of Sander’s tripe hole and the fact that the voters of Vermont elected him as their Senator.

As for Roy Moore, Sanders calls on two “good Republicans,” RINOs Mitt Romney and John McCain, to validate his guilty until proven innocent position, saying that “If you look at the report done by the [liberal biased and anti-Trump] Washington Post, which is a very thorough [politically motivated hit piece] report, it was not done by opposition research.”

Of course the Washington Post is precisely opposition research, it’s just free, paid for by in large part by the US Taxpayers through the by CIA and their web hosting agreement with Bezos. The commie Senator who said a Christian isn’t qualified to be a Deputy at OMB because of his faith, went on to impose the same metric on Roy Moore, disguised as his own moral principles, saying, “I think you can reach the conclusion that what this gentleman did [allegedly] was totally inappropriate and not the kind of behavior that a United States Senator should have.

Sanders is likely much more concerned with Moore’s religious views than anything else, but evil, crooked Hillary Clinton is a different story. He still isn’t talking about her “damn emails” or the election, thankfully, being rigged against him.

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  1. Sanders got paid off for giving up running in the election. He is a communist and want Medicare for everybody, Socialist Medicine. What do the people do that have been paying for Medicare. Maybe we’ll get subsidized too. (ha, ha) The swamp creatures in DC get 70% subsidies for their Obamacare coverage. No wonder they don’t want it to go away. Somebody needs to clean up all of this corruption. Comey, Mueller, Clinton, Obama, Soros, Schumer, Shitts, Porker, The mouth from Florida with the stupid hat, and the mouth from CA who was interviewing Sessions, Pokohantes (sic), and Rosenstein. If I missed a few, sorry. Too bad more people don’t read the articles on this website. It is great Rick. One of the only place, besides the President’s tweets, that we can read the truth.

  2. Sanders strikes me as being criminally stupid! But with a name like Bernie, what can you expect? Very well written article, I loved it. Good thing Bernie didn’t make it to the election, but I think he would’ve lost big time anyway. The majority of Americans are too smart to fall for his “ideals”.

  3. Fred A. Hisle // November 13, 2017 at 4:21 pm // Reply

    lying Pinko Communist POS FAG. Being a Lier, Antilife, hating America, hating our Military, hating Freedom, hating our constitution, hating Free Speech, being a Womanizer, spewing Socialism are all traits of being a modern day DemonRat. I am sure there are other Countries where they can migrate to, and be in total happy bliss. I cannot wait for all of the DemonRats to leave the U. S…


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