Comey Obstructed – Mica Demanded Collusion Emails Between Lynch And FBI Last Year

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As it becomes more and more clear to America that James Comey is a dirty cop and a political tool that abused his office and authority, it’s interesting to look back at some of his House testimony after he announced Clinton was being let off the hook.

Rep John Mica (R-FL) questioned then-FBI Director James Comey on July 7th, 2016, just two days after he bestowed a pass around the federal prison system to Hillary Clinton. Mica smells a rat and it’s the one sitting in front of him at the witness table. Clearly Comey, in a situation as major as this one, conducted himself in a totally inappropriate manner. His feigned outrage at the end can only be described as bizarre and suspect.

Mica established that the fix was in for Clinton and was suspicious that Lynch had played a significant role in it. He asked Comey if he personally interviewed Clinton, which he did not. How many agents were involved, which he didn’t know. He then asks him if he personally interviewed all of the agents, a question he could not possibly have answered truthfully in the affirmative if he didn’t know how many agents there were. He said he didn’t interview all of them, which could mean he interviewed none or one, Mica failed to nail that one down.

Clinton did not testify under oath, as was revealed at the time, but Comey infers that it doesn’t matter because even a Clinton is not allowed to lie to the FBI. He made the statement about not having a transcript, which he fell back on the “we don’t record anything” defense of universal standardized inaccuracies and sloppiness.

Mica asks for a copy of the 302 assessment, which Comey initially balks at and Mica reiterates he would like one provided to the committee. Did six agents combined to write one assessment or were there more than one assessment and it just didn’t matter because Comey planned to blow Mica off regardless?

Mica hit on what was potentially a mother lode of prosecutorial evidence that surely was never provided by the obfuscating Comey. Mica requested, “Also, for the last 30 days, any communications between you or any agent or any person within the FBI with the Attorney General [Loretta Lynch] or those in authority in the Department of Justice on this matter. Could you provide us with that?”

Comey telegraphs his answer as being something along the lines of “fat chance,” saying, “We’ll provide you with whatever we can under the law and under our policy.” Their policy under Comey is to provide nothing.

Mica asks Comey if he believes he conducted a legitimate investigation, which he of course replies that he did, he would never admit to anything else. Mica then explains to the dirty Director why he has problems with the way he’s handled things, including the revelation that this supposed consensus among agents not to prosecute was a fairy tale. Mica ends with an admonishment, comparing the lying Hillary Clinton to Comey and warning that he may receive a referral for some type of further action.

Comey didn’t like that and asks the Chairman to extend his time so he can vent. He said, “I hope what you’ll tell the folks in the cafe is – look me in the eye and listen to what I’m about to say.” He then puts on one of his more faux-angry, animated performances, claiming he did not coordinate his liberation of Hillary Clinton with anyone and nobody knew what he was going to say before he said it.  They surely knew what he was going to do, but that isn’t how he phrased his little skit. It was all a setup, but some of the words he used were his own.

Comey  dramatized it up a bit so that people would think he’s insulted and therefore must really be the man of integrity he pretends to be. He’s making a scene so they’re remember his lying words as true and his false claims that nothing was coordinated rather than the statement that nobody knew what he was going to say, the words weren’t on a script that anyone saw.

It’s bad acting, but bad actions are what America expects from James Comey. Why so sensitive, Comey? You act like a man with something to hide.

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  1. Thomas Oakley // June 17, 2017 at 3:13 pm // Reply

    So he tells/requests and does not get……then what…..Another nice letter or may be ups the anti by sending a e main, and after that a phone call, then a fax and when none of them work sends another request. And then if he should get something how does he know it is all there? They could send him a shopping list and say thats all. I also see the deputy director of the fbi is still on the job, wonder why the doj has not started a investigation on him and the mess he has caused. fbi still needs a lot of cleaning, wonder when trump is going to order it done?

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