Attorney Going After Comey Law License – Lied Under Oath, Destroyed Evidence

Former FBI Director James Comey lied to Congress and destroyed evidence in the Clinton case. That’s the contention of Attorney Ty Clevenger who wants his law license stripped…

james comey disbarred license

Ty Clevenger, an attorney who was denied a FOIA request by the FBI for information about the Clinton emails under the ludicrous claim that there wasn’t enough public interest to outweigh her privacy rights is at it again.

In a related action, in that it also deals with corruption at the FBI under the former Director, James Comey, Clevenger is engaged in an effort to have the dirty cop stripped of his law license on the basis of his having lied to Congress and the destruction of evidence in the Clinton email scandal.

Is it really fair to single out Comey for punitive action and loss of his law license? After all Hillary Clinton is also an attorney and her Arkansas law license is…oh, suspended. But Comey was working for Hussein and Michael Obama and their law licenses are…never mind.

Clevenger filed a grievance this week accusing James Comey of lying to Congress and the destruction of Clinton email evidence and it could result in him losing his license, if justice somehow comes into play.

Comey was a former US Attorney in New York and has a New York law license, and that is also where Clevenger filed the grievance. But President Trump has a lot of enemies in the Democrat Party in New York and that may work in Comey’s favor.

Clevenger contends that Comey lied to Congress when he stated under oath that he had not made any advance determination of whether or not she was guilty, or, more accurately, knowing darn well she was guilty was going to recommend against prosecution anyway.

Comey testified in specific questioning by Rep John Ratcliffe (R-TX) that he had made a decision on whether or not to charge Clinton until after she was interviewed. Clevenger contends, as do most people with their head screwed on straight that the fact that Comey had already made a decision.

The fact that he was working on her exoneration letter indicates he had decided to exonerate her. The fact that it was 60 days prior to his announcement indicates that was the time when the decision resulted in action on his part. The letter serves as documentation of the time the decision had been made.

Clevenger wrote, “Insofar as Mr. Comey gave materially false testimony to Congress, it appears that he violated Rules 1.0(w), 3.3(a)(1), and 8.4 of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct.”

He also requested to renew grievances against former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. He argued that Comey’s claim that she tried to pressure him to portray the Clinton investigation as something less than that should subject her to scrutiny.

The state grievance committee had deferred an investigation in January. They used the excuse of wanting to await the outcome of existing probes to avoid taking action. The political class can always find an excuse not to do their jobs when a high-powered friend of theirs needs a little protection.


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