Comey January Dinner With Trump Should Have Been His Last Meal As FBI Director

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There is agreement between former FBI Director James Comey and President Trump that the two of them had dinner together, one on one, at the White House seven days after President Trump was sworn into office. There is a difference of opinion between the two men as to the content of the conversation that took place that evening.

The New York Times is reporting the Comey side of the story as fact, stating, “As they ate, the president and Mr. Comey made small talk about the election and the crowd sizes at Mr. Trump’s rallies. The president then turned the conversation to whether Mr. Comey would pledge his loyalty to him.” That’s a disgusting, Obama-style request that President Trump would never engage in, an assertion befitting a compromised hack like Comey.

They further attempt to paint Comey as a bastion of integrity, stating he “declined to make that pledge. Instead, Mr. Comey has recounted to others, he told Mr. Trump that he would always be honest with him, but that he was not ‘reliable’ in the conventional political sense.”

If even portions of those accounts are accurate, that should have been Comey’s last meal as FBI Director, given his difficulties with prosecuting Trump’s political opponents who were clearly guilty of serious crimes. A pledge of reversal, of seeing the light and doing his job as a loyal but objective and independent member of his team, should have been the only circumstances under which Comey retained his position. By his own admission through the NYT, he refused and indicated no willingness to change.

President Trump wasn’t asking for a servant to him personally or to his administration, he was asking for an honest public servant, something that Comey had not been to that point. He had maneuvered the perpetrators of the greatest known crimes against America – Clinton, Obama and their associates, out of legal jeopardy, allowing them to escape justice.

Of course President Trump had no way of knowing what the swamp establishment and Democrats, through Comey, were plotting the false Russia investigation with the same dedication and resolve as they did the protection and cover up of team Clinton. Comey and Lynch are co-conspirators in protecting Clinton, Obama, McCabe, Abedin, Mills, Rhodes, Weiner, Rice and who knows how many other crooks, as well as orchestrating the surveillance of President Trump and other members of his team. His loyalty was already pledged to the bad guys. Their ties ran deep, including other shady activities involving money laundering at HSBC and the Clinton Foundation. 

President Trump says the issue of loyalty never came up but it’s obvious the two weren’t dining together in private simply because they enjoy each others’ company. Some things were discussed and it only follows that the fake Russia investigation, which has only festered and grown in the months since, was likely a topic at some point. One would expect the Clinton investigations and Comey’s bad decision making regarding them as well as a possible reopening of the cases would have been addressed as well. Trump described it as being like a job interview for Comey. Those would be key elements of his employment history; always a topic of interviews.

White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded to the New York Times claims on behalf of the fired FBI Director, saying, “We don’t believe this to be an accurate account. The integrity of our law enforcement agencies and their leadership is of the utmost importance to President Trump. He would never even suggest the expectation of personal loyalty, only loyalty to our country and its great people.”

In the NBC interview, President Trump stated that Comey had asked to keep his job and had assured the President that he was not under investigation. President Trump made no indication as to whether or not he would allow Comey to remain on at the time, directly, but a reference to loyalty may have been a subtle way of indicating to the Director that reckless, unfounded attacks against the President and pursuing bogus political investigations on behalf of his enemies was not a good way to secure one’s future.

It seems Comey couldn’t take a hint.


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