Comey Finally Hears The Trump Catch Phrase Firsthand – He’s Fired, Out At FBI

james comey

“The FBI is one of our nation’s most cherished and respected institutions, and today will mark a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement,” Trump said in a statement.

The White House said the search for a new FBI director was beginning immediately.

The White House made the stunning announcement shortly after the FBI corrected a sentence in Comey’s sworn testimony on Capitol Hill last week. Comey told lawmakers that Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton, had sent “hundreds and thousands” of emails to her husband’s laptop, including some with classified information.

On Tuesday, the FBI said in a two-page letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee that only “a small number” of the thousands of emails found on the laptop had been forwarded there while most had simply been backed up from electronic devices. Most of the email chains on the laptop containing classified information were not the result of forwarding, the FBI said.

Comey, 56, was nominated by Hussein Obama for the FBI post in 2013 to a 10-year term. Once praised for his independence and integrity, Comey has spent three decades in law enforcement and has been no stranger to controversy.

Comey’s been increasingly exposed as a very entrenched swamp creature who was in service to Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, the Democrat Party and ultimately himself before the American people or the nation.

Were there new revelations that rose to the level where a tweet was not the appropriate response? Perhaps, though recent tweets over the past few days did little to disguise President Trump’s disgust with the chronically under performing Director who always seemed to find a way not to prosecute the guilty when they were well connected to the establishment and the Democrat Party. Whatever the immediate motivation, enough was clearly enough.

Source: FBI Director James Comey fired by President Trump, White House reports |


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11 Comments on Comey Finally Hears The Trump Catch Phrase Firsthand – He’s Fired, Out At FBI

  1. CARLOS DESOUZA // May 10, 2017 at 10:34 am // Reply

    Tonya : 1) How is Rick Well’s site like Facebook ?? Every single one of my posts (admittedly, I don’t post often) has appeared on this site unedited. 2) Ten year tenure specifies the maximum duration. The FBI Director deserved to be sacked and got what he deserved, imho. In any case, the FBI Director serves at the “pleasure” of the President.

    • Kelleigh Nelson // May 10, 2017 at 11:08 am // Reply

      That’s right Carlos, and if Clinton could fire William Sessions, who was a good guy, then Trump can fire Comey, who has proven to not be so hot.

  2. CARLOS DESOUZA // May 10, 2017 at 10:06 am // Reply

    GREAT NEWS. Should have been done on 19th January, 2017, BUT BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.

    Now, Trump has got to put the Clinton’s, the Obamas’, Soros and a lot of other criminal thugs away for good.

    We await further developments. Thank you, Donald Trump.

  3. TONYA PARNELL // May 10, 2017 at 9:14 am // Reply

    Finally, he is gone. What happens to the 10 year tenure? You cannot type what you think on this site, they are like Facebook.

    • Don’t call me like facebook Tonya – what do you mean you can’t type what you think?
      You always do.

    • Kelleigh Nelson // May 10, 2017 at 10:37 am // Reply

      I’ve never had a problem typing what I want to say on this site, as long as you don’t use cuss words, type what you want to say!

    • Tonya, whatever you may have tried to say most likely we wouldn’t want to read anyway, since ALL opinions are valued on this site, without foul language. Apparently, insulting this site by comparing it to facebook (WTF?) was still posted. It could be wordpress or disqus or your computer or something else that prevented it from being posted.

  4. Shirley Freeland // May 10, 2017 at 8:25 am // Reply

    It is so past time for this occurrence of firing Comey. He is nothing but a crook and should certainly not be head of one of the most important government entities. President Trump still needs to clean house on others who are being paid to go against his every move for the good of this Country. If he doesn’t get rid of Ryan nothing will ever be accomplished. Republicans are in control yet they aren’t controlling anything. All they are doing is handing over decisions to Democrats. Why can’t the money be traced to them from Soros and then all of them be kicked out and not voted out???? There has to be a money trail.

  5. Debra Prisk // May 10, 2017 at 7:55 am // Reply

    Thank you God! Thank you President Trump!

  6. Kelleigh Nelson // May 10, 2017 at 7:41 am // Reply

    Buh bye Comey….about time

  7. Trump should have fired comey and the rest of oblammer’s followers on day 1. I know he has a lot of positions to fill but comey was and is for the liberals and does not do the justice system any good.

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