Comey Facing Potential Serious Prison Time, Fines After Confessions

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The whole thing doesn’t add up. The first question that has to be asked is one related to the mental stability and intelligence of James Comey. First of all, the crimes he appears to be involved in are quite public, and therefore more likely to be discovered. He went on to virtually guarantee legal jeopardy  and discovery by confessing, even volunteering information in the case of his complicity with Loretta Lynch in acting on behalf of the Clinton campaign.  His memo leaking is bizarre as well. Comey certainly doesn’t appear to be stupid enough to do what he’s been doing for the last couple of years and expect to get away with it, particularly his recent actions; so what’s he up to? What else is there to this story that we’re not seeing?

Sean Hannity plays a clip of Senator Marco Rubio pointing out that the only thing that hasn’t been leaked out of Congress regarding this issue by either Republican or Democrat leaders was the fact that President Trump wasn’t under investigation. He also asks why Comey sat back and watched as the propagandists and his Democrat allies attacked the President, accusing him of what he knew to be falsehoods.

The panel doesn’t have that answer but they do explain the potential sanctions Comey faces and they are significant. Hannity lays out a short summary of the offenses and double standard of Comey. Sekulow points to the actions of Comey in failing to report the supposed obstruction by President Trump as evidence that he believed no crime had taken place, otherwise, he has committed a crime himself by failing to report it.

Sekulow notes that, according to Comey’s testimony, he recorded notes of a conversation with President Trump from within his FBI vehicle on an FBI computer. Comey’s assertion that he released that memo to force the hand of the DOJ to appoint a special counsel, which was then appointed the following day and who is a longtime close personal friend of Comey and his former boss.

Gregg Jarrett describes Comey’s misrepresentation of government documents as being personal, a similar line to the tactic that worked successfully to this point for Hillary Clinton, saying that is incorrect. US 18 Code 641 applies, is discussed and has the potential, in addition to other statutes, to have serious consequences for the former FBI Director that could impact him financially and land him behind bars.

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6 Comments on Comey Facing Potential Serious Prison Time, Fines After Confessions

  1. this guy is a bankster-hsbc–banksters NEVER GO TO JAIL they print the money for their guilty fines for free and just keep rolling over humanity–parasites on mankind-and now they are like the typical parasite-having destroyed their hosts–humankind, where do they go from here-IF NOT TO JAIL????

  2. Deplorable Doctor // June 11, 2017 at 7:00 am // Reply

    There is No such thing as Government Leaders doing something Illegal and then being charged!

  3. It also brings up questions as to Muellers impartiality. As a former ally of Comey’s and close mentor, being appointed now with Comey’s assistance (according to Comey) it does make the question of impartiality a reasonable one

  4. A whole lot of other people should be going down with him. If he doesn’t make a plea deal for a lesser punishment (if any), then he’s afraid of committing suicide by being shot in the back twice.

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