Criminal cop Comey tests his doomed defense on Cooper, in front of a national audience. He denies leaking FBI docs because they weren’t classified, though 4 were…

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Former FBI Director James Comey continued his suicidal efforts to provide his enemies with more ammunition on a daily basis, his latest donation coming in a town hall with Anderson Cooper. It’s probably great for book sales and he’s going to have plenty of time for writing a sequel, “How I Guaranteed I’d Get Locked Up” while behind bars in a federal prison. Skyping interviews might be tougher to work out, though.

The fact that Cooper asked him some difficult questions, much tougher than what the FBI likely asked criminal target Hillary Clinton in July of 2016, is an indication that the shiny luster might be fading from Mr. Comey’s protective leftist veneer.   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Comey was dutifully shoveling out the manure, creating the familiar double standard for deep state criminals versus the rest of Americans, when Cooper surprisingly pushed back on the ridiculous assertions. He said, “But you did leak memos. I mean is it okay for somebody at the FBI to leak something, an internal document, even if it’s not classified? Isn’t that leaking?”

Looking like a chimpanzee who just had his hand slapped for grabbing somebody somewhere he shouldn’t, Comey responded, “Well, there’s a whole lot wrong with your question, Anderson. He then attempts to establish his defense based upon word-parsing and technicalities. Comey says, “First, I didn’t leak memos. I asked a friend to communicate the substance of one unclassified memo.” So planning a bank robbery isn’t prosecuted the same as driving the getaway car?

Business Insider, among many others, disagrees with Comey’s assertions, reporting in an April 20th article, “After he was fired, Comey gave four of the memos to his friend, Columbia University law professor Daniel Richman, to leak to the press last year, and at least one of those was classified, according to the House Intelligence Committee.

It seems the only one on the planet using Clinton “it depends on what your definition of is is” logic is Comey. The rest of the nation, even Anderson Cooper, understands what constitutes a leak. They’re also able to count from one to four without making an error.

He splits hairs, claiming it’s “really important,” that as a private citizen it’s okay to leak FBI communications documenting private conversations with the President of the United States to the media.

Cooper doesn’t buy it, saying, “If you tell somebody ‘don’t give them the document’ but tell them what’s in the document, that’s still a leak, no?” Comey then presents the new definition that he will use as his criminal defense, saying, “I think of a leak as an unauthorized disclosure of classified information.”

An unconvinced Cooper injects, “Really, that’s it? That’s a leak?” He then recites a statement in his memo by Comey in which he said he’d like to nail leakers to the door as a message, asking, “Shouldn’t you be nailed to the door then?”

He asks, “Aren’t you a leaker? You gave up a document that was released to the New York Times, information from that document, noting that the classified qualifier [not unlike the non-existent ‘intent’ requirement to prosecute Hillary Clinton] is irrelevant, that “plenty of people leak non-classified information to reporters, and the White House and the FBI gets upset about it.”

Cooper sums up their exchange stating, “I’m surprised that you only think leaks, officially a leak is something that’s classified.”

Of course Comey doesn’t think that, he’s simply trying to establish some confusion of the standard or his interpretation of the standard as a defense. He also included the information he leaked in his book, as if that creates a public domain defense.

And this pathological lying criminal, along with Andrew McCabe and Loretta Lynch and Hussein Obama were running our FBI? There’s no way it could be anything but corrupt.

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