Comey Claims He Didn’t Trust Lynch To Not Cover For Clinton – So He Let Her Off

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FBI Director Comey is pointing the finger of blame and distrust at his superior in DOJ, former Attorney General Loretta “tarmac” Lynch.  He’s describing how he was the good cop, taking the burden upon himself of single-handedly, making sure that the truth came out about Hillary Clinton. He may have done that in his strange and baffling press conference of July 5th when he announced Clinton was officially off the hook, but nothing came of it from prosecutorial standpoint. Basically all he did was confirm that she was a crook, and announce that once again she was getting away with her crimes.

He told the New York Times that, Lynch wasn’t the only one he didn’t trust not to provide cover for Hillary Clinton. He says he also didn’t trust senior officials at the Justice Department. It’s almost humorous but Comey claims he feared Lynch and her subordinates would do exactly what he and she accomplished in combination, provide her cover. It’s difficult to imagine how any greater level of insulation from prosecution could have been provided by Lynch or anyone else than what she received from Comey and Lynch.

Unless Attorney General Sessions has something in the works, the worst incident of domestic spying, racketeering, corruption and profiteering in American history was accomplished by a Secretary of State and her subordinates in full view of Congress, the entire federal government, and ultimately the executive branch of the successor administration of the other party, without any repercussions, not a glove being laid on her. And we have the nerve to laugh at banana republics?

Even use of the word “investigation” was prohibited at one point in discussing what he was told by Lynch to refer to as a “matter.” Lynch, he says, believed that use of the word “investigation” would lead to other questions that Lynch didn’t want to have to answer. He says it was she who also required adherence to the department policy of not confirming investigations.

He claims that alarm bells went off when the DOJ clarified that a referral to the FBI questioning whether classified information had been improperly handled by Clinton through her use of a bootleg server, was not a criminal referral. Of course we all believe Lynch, Obama and the rest of the executive branch were, at a minimum, covering for Clinton’s criminal activity and probably their own as well.

That doesn’t mean that Comey was the one, lone angel that somehow, inexplicably, got stuck in Alcatraz with the real criminals. Alcatraz might be exactly where he belongs. Nobody’s hands in this farce are clean and Comey’s little attempt to improve his image is an obvious and failed PR stunt.

We’re in trouble as a nation. Our government has been seriously compromised. President Trump needs to demand an investigation by AG Sessions into the whole stinking mess or his credibility and trustworthiness will suffer as well. That was a promise we want to see him keep. He needs to keep it.


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