Comey Was The Best – Working With Swamp’s “Man Of Integrity” McCabe’s Greatest Privilege

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The husband of former Democrat Virginia State Senate candidate Jill McCabe, the recipient of over half a million dollars in Hillary Clinton / Terry McAuliffe PAC money, is a Swamp Creature that fate has elevated to the position of Acting Director of the FBI.

In much the same way as Sally Yates was a subversive political hack as acting Attorney General, who was insubordinate and proudly admitted to second-guessing and overruling the Commander-in-Chief, Democrat Andrew McCabe began his tenure as acting director on the wrong foot.

McCabe testified in hearings before the Republicans and jackal Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday. All of them were Comey critics until it became politically beneficial to switch to a position supporting his canonization. McCabe made it a point to address what it was like working with “Saint James.”

Democrat Senator Martin Heinrich of New Mexico served up a softball with the outfield in, asking McCabe, “Is it accurate that the rank and file no longer supported Director Comey? McCabe was promoted by Comey and Heinrich is making the considerable assumption that McCabe would know the feelings of the rank and file membership, that he would have the kind of relationship that would be conducive to open, frequent interaction. He’s also assuming this Democrat operative wasn’t complicit in any corruption or deal involving the Clinton “investigation.” It’s also a pointless question to a large degree, as Comey’s gone, it was the President’s decision, and the FBI Director doesn’t serve at the pleasure of the rank and file.

McCabe spoke from his personal experience in a most emphatic and dramatic manner, saying, “No sir, that is not accurate. I can tell you sir that I worked very, very closely with Director Comey, from the moment he started at the FBI, I was his executive assistant director of national security at that time. I worked for him running the Washington field office and of course, I’ve served as Deputy for the last year.”

I can tell you that I hold Director Comey in the absolute highest regard

He gushed on, “I can tell you that I hold Director Comey in the absolute highest regard. I have the highest respect for his considerable abilities and his integrity and it has been the greatest privilege and honor of my professional life to work with him.” McCabe was asked about the rank and file, not about his personal feelings or how well attaching himself to the Director from the day he walked in the door had worked out for him. He said the majority of employees enjoyed a deep, positive connection with Comey. Did that include the investigators who worked tirelessly to prepare the case against the Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin crime snydicate, who had their efforts trashed by “Mr. Integrity?” Is the measure of an effective FBI Director now how popular he was?

Acting Director McCabe went on to state that the supposed Russia investigation is fully funded. That contradicts the claims made by Comey just days before his firing in which he had asked the Justice Department “to make additional resources available – mainly more staffing – for the Russia probe.”

Maybe McCabe’s already been promised those resources in meetings with Sessions or Rosenstein. If so it would have been appropriate to inform Senator Heinrich of that fact. If it’s not true, Comey was once again validating the arguments of his ineptitude. Senator Rand Paul, a day earlier, had accused Comey of always seeking more funding as the solution to his failures. It’s a management style sometimes referred to as the Jeh Johnson method, a “don’t blame me, Congress under-funded us and I’m doing the best I can with limited resources” argument.

As the Democrats keep dumping money and agent resources into this political ice-fishing expedition to Siberia an impossible fools errand to somehow validate Hillary Clinton’s claims and cover up the crimes of both her and her former boss, there are consequences. Those agents aren’t available to investigate real threats, like the terrorists these same Democrats are dumping into our population on a daily basis.  

Just because they’re an intelligence committee doesn’t mean they can’t still do stupid and really destructive things.

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