Comey Admits New Clinton Abedin Weiner Felony Evidence On His Laptop – Still Nothing Done

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Senator Dianne Feinstein asked FBI Director Comey during Senate Testimony on Wednesday, “Why was it necessary to announce, 11 days before a presidential election, that you were opening an investigation on a new computer without any knowledge of what was in that computer”

Hold on there, Feinstein. That wasn’t a new investigation, it was the reopening of the previous investigation based upon new evidence, which was contained on that new computer. You’re saying that you would have preferred they’d have reopened it based upon the same evidence? From a Democrat whining and manipulating perspective that probably is the case. As Comey’s about to tell you, you’re assertion that there was nothing on it is about as substantive as your allegations that the Russians hacked the election.

Feinstein would have much preferred that her dear friend, the espionage criminal and pilferer be allowed to steal the White House with the criminal information released later, when it was too late to do anything about the election, as impeachment these days is an empty, non-existent threat.

As Comey explains the evidence that caused him to notify Congress took the form of meta data on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. He said, “What they could see from the meta data is there were thousands of Secretary Clinton’s emails on that device, including what they thought might be the missing emails from her first three months as Secretary of State.” He informs Feinstein that the had never found any emails from her first three months. Comey claims that would have been very important in determining intent, which is not even a consideration for the crimes that were committed but was the only shot he had at dismissing them out of hand.

He then claims to be the moral authority on avoiding any impact on an election, apparently including an impact that would result from the arrest or charging as a criminal suspected of espionage and hundreds of other felonies related to her reckless handling of classified secret government documents.

Comey reports that his staff, in that rush to sort through all of the emails on the Weiner computer, “found thousands of new emails, they found classified information on Anthony Weiner, somehow here emails were being forwarded to Anthony Weiner, including classified information, by her assistant, Huma Abedin. He said his staff found a lot of new stuff but didn’t find anything that changed their view of her intent, the consideration that is excluded as applicable from the statute in the statute.

So why is it, Director Comey, now that the election is no longer a consideration, that those latest discovered emails having resulting in any charges for any of the individuals involved, Clinton who provided them, Abedin who sent them and Weiner, whose laptop they were found on? Is it because they have once again gotten away with their crimes?

Let’s make it easy on you Comey, is there any crime that Clinton or her cronies could commit for which they would face justice? They’ve already gotten away with murder multiple times. It certainly looks like they’re all getting away with treason. You too, Director Comey, as well as Loretta Lynch, also appear to be skating on treason against the United States.

Attorney General Sessions, is there a reason why this case is not moving forward?

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