Col Tony Shaffer – Obama IRAN Deal Has US FINANCING Enemies, N KOREA NUKES

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Lt. Col Tony Shaffer joins David Asman of the Fox Business Network for a discussion of the Iran and N Korea nuclear development programs, their risks, the complicity of the Obama regime and the role that they played in crafting much of the serious threats we face today and in the future.

Asman recaps the goodies that Obama and John Kerry loaded Iran up with as part of this insane nuclear deal, including the release of hundreds of billions of dollars of oil revenue over time, which “gave them a standing in world power far beyond what they should have.” There’s the “airplanes full of cash” plus “We, the United States taxpayers, are subsidizing Iran’s nuclear operations by purchasing heavy water, which is a nuclear component.” 

Shaffer says we should also add to those considerations, with all of this returned revenue, Iran is increasing their defense budget by $800 million or more, “and most important to the overall narrative is they’re helping fund North Korea’s continued research in both miniaturization of nuclear weapons as well as ballistic missile technology.

He believes that is the reason President Trump is saying they’re not living up to the spirit of the deal, “they’re outsourcing their research to the North Koreans.” That’s also had the effect of enabling North Korea to rapidly develop their nuclear program, due to all of the infusion of the money and the technology from the Iranians.

Asman points out and Shaffer agrees that we are empowering Iran in their nuclear development. He recalls a theory in the Obama regime that by allowing Iran to modernize and attain greater wealth and power, even to potentially include nuclear weapons, that they’d come around more to our way of thinking.

Shaffer notes that that line of thinking went back to the Carter administration and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Now they’ve become more emboldened to become troublesome to our Arab allies we have in the region, they’ve destabilized Yemen, using Hezbollah and the IRGC to advance their “Shia view of the world” and helping North Korea become a destabilizing factor as well. Shaffer makes the point, “We help fund this, we fund it. We are funding our own enemies.” Nice job Obama, Kerry.

They also discuss the threat posed by nuclear miniaturization through terrorism, another gift to the Iranians from Valerie Jarrett, Hussein Obama and company.


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5 Comments on Col Tony Shaffer – Obama IRAN Deal Has US FINANCING Enemies, N KOREA NUKES

  1. TONYA PARNELL // August 17, 2017 at 2:16 pm // Reply

    Vote the Dem o rats out of office to protect America

  2. well HELL it doesn’t and did not take a rocket scientist to know that Iranian born top notch advisor for the X Muslim in chief communist American hating Valerie Jarrett was behind this as well !! as our CAREER CORRUPT POLITICAL LEADERS ALL BOWED for the appointed regime !

  3. The globalist and the neocon cabal have had unrestrained use our confiscated tax dollars to fund there take over and the fattening of their accounts. This has been going on for decades.

  4. Eleanor Fay Mills // August 16, 2017 at 6:41 pm // Reply

    Obama and Kerry did this yes but where did the money come from? CONGRESS had to OK THIS DEAL TOO! Time for all of us to VOTE and “CLEAN HOUSE” while our President DRAINS THE SWAMP! Seriously people we need to vote people who has FIRST INTEREST for the GOOD of the USA! OUR COUNTRY depends on all of us! Like a body, we have President as our leader or the head but the rest of us need to work together as the rest of the body! EACH part of the body is important, the legs have us moving, the arms to work and protect, the torso to supply the energy, support, love, and BREATH to help our NATION to BE GREAT AGAIN! I Thank God and President Trump for helping us get our country back!

  5. The obama regime: the gift that keeps on giving. Is it from obama’s Congress or obama’s federal agencies he left his slush funds to?
    How does our state-of-the-art advanced ‘secret’ military weapons get leaked to our enemies, when they are kept secret from us?

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