Col Shaffer – Huge, Potential Indictments Obama, Jarrett, Biden, Staff – Soviet Style Game Changer

shaffer obama soviet indictment


Lt Col Tony Shaffer lends his expertise to the revelations by President Trump that Hussein Obama used the United States government as an eavesdropping tool against the Trump campaign during the election, that they were spying on him and his staff and much of his Trump Tower.

Shaffer characterizes what Obama may be guilty of doing as “Soviet level wrongdoing,” noting that Obama has moved to his new nerve center for taking down Trump and moved Valerie Jarrett in to operate it.  He believes, contrary to the word-parsing statement of Obama’s spokesliar, that it’s very likely Obama did authorize the actions. He was in charge, so either he did directly or implicitly.

He references information that was floating around on the dark net since July that something was going on, despite pushback from the FISA court. Shaffer notes there will be a paper trail at NSA on this, that John Brennan is probably involved, and that the paper trail that President Trump has been looking for “has finally showed up.”

He describes it as the Obama administration using their form of the FSB or KGB to target a candidate. An article from the New York Times of January 19th, while Obama was still occupying the White House is introduced into the discussion, which references “intelligence reports based upon some of the wiretapped communications have been provided to the White House.” Shaffer says, “there you go.”

He also says, “This is completely insidious, this is on an order of magnitude worse than Watergate, where you’ve actually used the mechanisms of state, the power of the state to go after a candidate for the presidency, noting that Trump was presumed to be the loser. That may have played into their gamble and willingness to be as reckless as they were.

Shaffer says, “While the Democrats keep talking about the Russians, this is Soviet behavior. This is the very thing the Soviet Union would have engaged in back during the Cold War.

He’s asked if this is a game changer moment, to which Shaffer replies, “Oh no doubt. We’re talking about the potential of indictments for a former sitting President and his staff and that’s unheard of.

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11 Comments on Col Shaffer – Huge, Potential Indictments Obama, Jarrett, Biden, Staff – Soviet Style Game Changer

  1. Dr Rolland Kerr // October 24, 2017 at 8:14 am // Reply

    What are the differences among Hussein O’Vomit, Soros, HildaBeast, Johnny Podesta, Holder, Comey , Mueller, Lynch, and Slick Willy Clinton? Not Much! All are PURE EVIL!

  2. This is one of the primary reasons Trump was voted in.

  3. Well, well, well….now we are starting to see the reasons why the democrat’s, specifically the Obama/Clinton camps have been going after President Trump the way they have, in such an insane manner that they appear to have lost their minds over losing. Now the truth is starting to come out…they thought Clinton had it in the bag so they were careless and sloppy in their illegal practices thinking it’d never come out. Then Cankles lost lol. So they desperately attack President Trump trying everything they can think of to bring him down. While he patiently waits for the proof he needs to prove their corrupt illegal misdeeds. BAM now he has it!! They are going down! ????

  4. Facebook has cut almost all of my traffic in the past few weeks . I found that posting a written out post get out where sharing a link is blocked . We have to keep the truth out there any way we can ……..

  5. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // March 5, 2017 at 8:08 pm // Reply

    this Traitor Obozo and his wire tapping should not come as a surprise….after all look how & what he has done for 8 years while Reigning like a Dictator in his white mosque…..some ONE needs to go to JAIL.

  6. Throw his rotten ass in prison! He is nothing but a traitor!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Book’em. And let the chips fall where they may. For this nation MUST be set to rights. Or it’s finished.

  8. Turn out the lights… the party’s over….

  9. “potential of indictments for a former sitting President and his staff and that’s unheard of”; WHY ?
    Not unheard of in other countries, why should it be unheard of here in America.
    Drain The Swamp; And the sooner the better !—-If they have done these despicable acts, then put them all in prison !

  10. Dr. Deplorable // March 5, 2017 at 11:14 am // Reply

    Let’s open up all of O’Vomit’s past!

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