Cohn Indicates Trump May Cave – Follow Obama On Global Communism Climate Agreement

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If what appears to be the trend actually comes to fruition, it will be a catastrophe for free people around the world and those who aspire to one day be free. It will be the beginning of the end of America as we know it and of American sovereignty, a continuation of down the path of destruction that Hussein Obama started us on. President Trump must be aware of this reality so the fact that there is even a discussion ongoing regarding our remaining in the Paris agreement is quite troubling. Taken in combination with the comments of President Trump’s top adviser, alarms go off. Surrendering to global government is not how America is made great again, it is how our fate is sealed. 

The Paris Climate Hoax agreement is nothing more than a wealth redistribution outline that structures the confiscation of wealth away from the United States by an international global government, the United Nations, and transfers it, after slicing out their cut, to other nations and their corrupt politicians.

It does so, in part, based upon the global warming premise, but also because of “our responsibility” to eradicate poverty, hunger, and to elevate undeveloped nations to be our equals. Global equality is communism under the control of the globalist fascist elites.

Former Goldman Sachs partner, swamp creature and now one of President Trump’s more trusted insiders, economic adviser Gary Cohn, made comments during the G-7 that appear to be setting of the stage for the unthinkable, a Trump capitulation to the World Government. He’s the last person we would ever expect that type of betrayal from but there are indications that is what is happening. If so, we can kiss “Make America Great Again” goodbye and say hello to increasing austerity, foreign control and fleecing by the world government. There is also the very real potential for uprisings and another civil war.

Cohn: Trump’s “views are evolving” – “came here to get smarter” – Brainwashed

In setting the stage for our potential betrayal, Cohn sounded more like a puppeteer than an adviser as he told reporters President Trump’s “views are evolving, which is exactly what they should be. If he were standing here, he would tell you that he feels much more knowledgeable on the topic today.” Cohn added, “He came here to learn and he came here to get smarter.” 

There’s not that much to learn about the document, and the supposed science is a smoke screen for what is really at play, the conquest of America. It is a simple matter of reading what we’ve been signed up for by Obama, Soros, Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the rest of the globalists. It’s the same slave masters who are attempting to coerce President Trump into giving in to their pressure and allowing America to be picked clean. The globalists who lead the G-7 nations include Germany’s Merkel, Trudeau of Canada, and the Rothschild boy, Macron of France, two representatives of the globalist EU, and their operatives inside the Trump administration, such as Cohn.

In language that sounds like a typical politician posturing for a sellable sellout, Cohn stressed that Trump’s decision will ultimately be based on “what’s best for the United States.” Of course if that were true the discussion would be over; we’d be out. Swamp creature Cohn is doing what Goldman Sachs and world government operatives always do, lying for power and profit. The decision will not be based upon what is best for the American people unless we exit and that now seems increasingly unlikely. 

Cohn postures for betrayal, saying we can stay with minimal negative impact

The concerning language continued with Cohn portraying the agreement as flexible enough to accommodate reductions in the U.S. commitment that would keep the deal from hindering the American economy. In other words, he’s offering the argument that we can stay in the agreement without any or with minimal negative impact. It’s an excuse to keep us in, just like the income tax was started at 1-7 percent of income. They intend to keep us in the victim pool and go for the big bucks and control when Trump is gone and it’s politically less toxic. Obama already set us up, Trump was to be our relief. It’s still up in the air but that air now has a hint of the stench of a setup. 

The Paris deal was never ratified. If Trump wants to keep us in it, do so legally. Send it to Congress like treaties are required for ratification under the Constitution. This is an illegitimate and fraudulent debate that has no substance, from every angle and for so many different reasons.


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12 Comments on Cohn Indicates Trump May Cave – Follow Obama On Global Communism Climate Agreement

  1. Send an email to the President:
    Here’s a suggestion:

    Regarding the Paris Climate Agreement:

    President Trump needs to know a decision to remain party to the Agreement will result in a win for the establishment, a win for the liberal left, a win for OWO, a win for the EU and a win for the swamp. President Trump will lose his Presidency in 2020, if not sooner. Our Republic will expire and America will not become great again. If he makes the wrong decision, it will be the worst thing ever for the USA. And, he will be regarded as a complete failure by many of those who elected him.
    Thank you.

  2. Kelleigh Nelson // May 28, 2017 at 4:30 am // Reply

    Yeah, well the globalists see dollar signs in their sleep…that’s what makes their world go round…for the love of money is the root of ALL EVIL…YEP

  3. The globalists and money changers see a fortune to be made trading on carbon credits. If this goes to the House, I’m not at all confident that those crooks will not ratify the money laundering operation.

    If this goes through I will admit that I got played and played good.

  4. Thomas Oakley // May 27, 2017 at 10:38 pm // Reply

    Well seems cohn is showing his true colors……of course anyone with any sense just had to say the magic words……goldman sacks……to know what type of person (?) he is. And yes trump has him, his daughter and son in law all pushing this……..and who knows what else……He needs major cleaning of his so called administration and advisors and get back to what we elected him to do…..O yes, what is the hold up on sessons and the major cleaning up he was to do…..Do not see much out of him…..:(

  5. Just about your most important piece, ever. What if he has no choice? They are so powerful. And he is off his turf, right into the hands of the wolves.

  6. no no no no no no no !!!!!!!!!!! if he does it will be because of Ivanka and Kushner — the pope just gives him an easier “out” ……I HOPE HE DOESN’T ….. HE WILL LOSE SOME OF US ….

  7. Cohn is trying to close his presumptive sale. But, we need to believe Trump is smart enough to see through all of that kind of crap.

    Trump needs to know a wrong decision will result in a win for the establishment, a win for the left, a win for OWO, a win for the EU and a win for the swamp. Trump will lose his Presidency in 2020, if not sooner. Our Republic will expire and America will not become great again. If Trump makes the wrong decision, it will be the worst thing ever for the USA. And, Trump will go down as a complete failure. There’s no way he doesn’t know this unless he is simply blinded by his own narcissistic ego.

    Kelleigh is right. Everyone needs to pray really hard.

  8. HowardMacKinnon // May 27, 2017 at 10:21 am // Reply

    I’m going to say ( pray ) that DJT acted like he was going along with this simply to appease the libs he was surrounded by & that upon his return home will say, ” Nah, that’s not good for the USA or it’s people. “

  9. Kelleigh Nelson // May 27, 2017 at 9:10 am // Reply

    Yeah, well we know what Cohn is and where he stands and we also know that Ivanka and her husband Jared are democrats and lean left. She even met with Algore, the fake fat climate change guru. So, let’s pray to God that he doesn’t listen to his daughter, or Cohn or anyone else, and stands true to his promises and statements.

    • I’m concerned because cohn is making preliminary statements – that’s a red flag – I’ve got the same hopes as you Kelleigh, but now my concerns are growing. I don’t like what I’m seeing.

      • Kelleigh Nelson // May 27, 2017 at 9:57 am // Reply

        Every one of these climate deals is rotten…just more wealth redistribution from working hands to govt. And all of these trade deals need to be scrapped as well. NOW!

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