Coffin Nail For Lock Her Up? Lieberman FBI Director Front-Runner

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Before the now-former Senator and later Neil Gorsuch groomer, Kelly Ayotte, became an appendage to neocon Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, there was Joe Lieberman, the former Democrat vice-presidential nominee, and Senator from Connecticut. He was the establishment fixture, the Democrat / Independent that gave the two war-mongering Republicans a whiff of bi-partisan credibility. Now he’s poised to provide a variant of that same bi-partisan perception, protection and perhaps some much-needed relief, to an embattled President Donald Trump. That’s important, but more importantly, would he objectively investigate and recommend prosecution of the criminals Hillary Clinton, Hussein Obama and other Democrats?

So much for not politicizing the office of FBI Director. Getting a law and order guy to head up the top law enforcement agency in the world in what was billed as the law and order administration sounded good. The “100 day war” has helped nudge President Trump in the opposite direction. With Lieberman we’re getting a lifelong career politician and former Democrat vice-presidential candidate under enviro-psycho Al Gore, nominated into a ten-year position with potentially seven and a half years remaining in President Trump’s term. Even Lieberman’s buddy Lindsey Graham was calling for an FBI veteran lawman to fill the position. Those calls may now subside if the reunion tour becomes a real possibility. A lawman might be the best choice operationally and from the perspective of the FBI, but this is a White House under siege and our President is getting almost no help from his own party.

In the face of unrelenting storm of negativity and accusations, Trump is looking for someone that he can trust, who he can work with without subterfuge, and is competent as well as being able to get through the confirmation process and someone that would also be acceptable to the minority Democrat Party that has somehow assumed power. He’s running out of choices and we know from the presence of the Kushners and Gary Cohn in the White House that President Trump is not reflexively opposed to Democrats, or individuals of either party with swamp mud on their feet, occupying the top ranks in his administration. Lieberman has shown independence and butted heads with Harry Reid and other Democrat leaders in the past. He left the party as a result of their failing to support him for reelection in 2006 and won as an independent, then later reconciling to a degree.

President Trump may also still have not given up on the idea that appeasing the Democrat enemy will, to some degree, at some point, buy him some peace rather than continue to embolden them. Maybe this time they’ll appreciate his meeting them halfway and allow him to govern. Meeting them halfway, from a Democrat’s perspective, only means Trump is halfway to where he needs to be.

President Trump told reporters on Thursday afternoon “we’re very close to an FBI director,” that Lieberman was among the finalists and that the decision would be announced soon.

As if to illustrate the point that no matter what he does the Democrats will be opposed and that appeasement is a road to nowhere, Senator Dick Durbin criticized the possible pick at a lunch with Democrat Senators on Thursday. These are the same Democrats who skewered Comey until Trump fired him, choosing to then declare him a saint.

This isn’t about the FBI for Democrats, beyond the manner in which it can be used to shackle and diminish the President. It’s still about obstruction, the removal of President Trump from office and the stifling of the agenda and the wishes of the American people.

The Republicans in Congress are gutless, disorganized cowards, Democrats are shrewd and united. It would be illogical to expect anything other than this morass until that dismal reality changes.


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