Coach Pelosi From The Sidelines – Tell Them You’re A Muslim, Be Cool

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Democrat politics are special interest, identity, fad politics. It’s cool to be anything other than a white heterosexual Christian male and the further one is away from that “loathsome, inherently oppressive, and privileged” creature the higher esteem they are held in by the gutter rat Democrats.

While the Senate doesn’t have caucuses, the House is full of them. They’re associations of representatives working together to advance agendas favorable to their subset. The racist organizations, the Congressional Black Caucus or Congressional Hispanic Congress work to advance causes based upon skin color. The Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus works to promote the Democrat homosexual and anything goes agendas. The  Congressional Progressive Caucus is composed of communists, progressives, Marxists and both closeted and out of the closet commies. It’s chaired jointly by Raul Grijalva, a communist Mexican supremacist and Keith Ellison, a Muslim black supremacist.

The other Muslim in the House is Andre Carson, who Minority Leader Pelosi made a point of identifying as such during their illegitimate and lie-based protest outside the Supreme Court building. The Democrat drama queens were pretending to protest the immigration executive order banning travel from seven terrorist countries. Carson could come in handy as Democrats go for the Islamic and terrorist votes. He has the same utility that Keith Ellison has, something he made clear when he introduced himself.

For those who didn’t hear Pelosi tell them as she was introducing him as a “Muslim member of Congress,” she offered more coaching from the sidelines, “tell them you’re a Muslim, tell them you’re a Muslim,” she said. Carson addressed the crowd, saying, “Greetings from the great state of Indiana. I’m Congressman Andre Carson. Not only do I represent Indiana’s seventh congressional district very proudly, but I happen to be a Muslim and a former police officer.”

Carson did as he was told but he made it look smooth, almost as if they were his own words. He’s probably already decided to parlay his “uniqueness” into a career as a niche representative for the Democrats.

He left the audience to figure out he was a black man on their own, and he admitted to the cop-haters that he’s a former police officer.  Former is okay for Democrats, it indicates he came to his senses. As long as he doesn’t fall for any of that Blue Lives Matter propaganda. That was the old him; only Black Lives Matter to Democrat Reps, and Muslim preference for the building of the caliphate.

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