CNN Propagandist Stelter Targets Spicer, Trump In Blatant Fake News Hit Piece

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Now the tactic and its target seems to have shifted from a less publicly visible and vulnerable Kellyanne Conway to Trump campaign point man and Press Secretary, Sean Spicer.

CNN Fake News propagandist Brian “Sissy Boy” Stelter, made this little hit piece on Spicer as part of that effort to discredit the President through his representative. Of course, none of this type of warfare was conducted against the many flagrant lies of the Obama regime, he was and still remains their satanic messiah. But any slip of the tongue or inaccuracy that can be misconstrued by these political hacks disguised as fake news purveyors  will be seized upon and exaggerated.

Remember when broadcasters had to have a rich, powerful, and relatively deep voice to earn a position on nation news. With fake news it’s the exact opposite. Effeminate, girly men like Stelter, Lemon and the token She-pard Smith at Fox are what we’re subjected to now if we find ourselves having  inadvertently ventured into their septic side of the swamp.

With the slightest hint of a lisp, another plus for national jobs these days, Stelter blames Spicer for the reality that the media is on a mission to take the Trump administration down and that, in defense of the President against the hostile propagandists, they become contentious. If they were legitimate news people rather than political sharks disguised as journalists, finding fault and making false accusations on every front, there would be no reason or opportunity for contention to develop.

Stelter attempts to make a big deal out of the definition of limited, disputing the way that Spicer defined it. Okay, he’s entitled to his opinion, but to turn it into the crux of a video hit piece is not real journalism. It’s exactly what President Trump has accused CNN of engaging in, Fake News.

He makes a big deal out of the time difference between the time that Spicer said Manafort came on board and the announcement date. The announcement was two days before the end of March and his function was to handle the convention, which took place in July. It’s not correct, but it’s nothing major as the little fake newsette wants to portray it as. Stating it as ‘He was brought on prior to the convention’ would have been more correct, so what?

Stelter says, “Two months in and the story of this presidency is about trust, lack of trust.” That’s the story his pretend news organization wants to report because that’s one that is geared to bring him down. The story as his supporters see it is one of him standing tall and fighting against the establishment machinery on their behalf and for the future of this nation. Against impossible odds, just as he did in the campaign.

He describes Spicer’s jobs as being similar to a typical night at the gay bathhouses, saying, “Defending the boss means bending into contortions.” He says “Reporters [read agenda-driven propagandists] don’t know what to believe” and cites a difference in whether the nominee for Secretary of the Navy would remain or not as evidence of just how completely bewildered and helpless the feeble-minded, contorting propagandists are.

He then belittles Spicer for coming prepared with news items, finding one to seize upon as being “misused” because he quoted Judge Napolitano and his sources on a story that British Intelligence had done Obama’s dirty work for him in wiretapping the President. That story hasn’t been verified by any of the propagandists, probably because it doesn’t serve their common interest to force Trump out. Mr. Hillary Clinton, aka George Stephanopoulos, making the same types of false claims, stated that the administration was in tatters. Laughably, something that hack said is begin used to add, or detract from, for those knowledgeable in what is really going on, to the “credibility” of the hit piece.

Sarcastically Stelter further mocks Spicer as he states, correctly, that “merely reading a story is not vouching for a story.” There’s no way he or the President will win by giving legitimacy to these enemy combatants. They need to dilute their numbers, include other outlets, and fight step up their efforts to fight back hard against their attempts to bring him down.

Get the American people involved. We’re still on his side and we’re not going to be sidetracked by lying little “bit**hes like this. It’s not hard to figure out how he got his job, and it could not have been through the mouthing of the words in his fake news scripts.

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  1. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // March 21, 2017 at 7:11 pm // Reply

    Of course, none of this type of warfare was conducted against the many flagrant lies of the Obama regime, he was and still remains their SATANIC MESSIAH……you got this right they ALL are following their Daddy Leader (SATAN.

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