CNN Propagandist Cuomo Destroyed By Gorka As Fake News Ambush Backfires

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The veil continues to slip off of the CNN false image as a news organization, with a very ugly propagandist being revealed below. They were just busted earlier the same day in London staging their own demonstration or memorial with actors playing the roles of Muslims defiant against the terrorists, holding signs the network furnished and laying flowers on a stage that CNN placed for their shot.

They are determined to shape public opinion in a manner that is favorable to global homogenization, the destruction of the nation state, the elimination of our national identities through “diversity,” and our subsequent absorption into a collective global society that includes a caliphate.

CNN Fake News (CNN FN) antagonist Chris Cuomo invited Dr. Sebastian Gorka on for a duel, an attempt to twist the White House position on the executive orders, diminish the President and label him and his administration as bigots. Cuomo asks why the administration is playing games with the definition of the travel ban and the back and forth is underway, with Gorka replying that Trump is the President, he can call it whatever he likes.

Cuomo states multiple times that the travel ban is directed at Muslims rather than correctly identifying it as being targeted at a population that poses a risk, who just happens to be Muslim and with that characteristic having a significant bearing on why they are targeted, due to their propensity to commit murder. They’re not all murderers but a significant portion are barbaric, ideological murderers and their sympathizers. That’s why, Cuomo, and you and your fake news globalist whores know it.

When asked why Cuomo doesn’t make the same claims about the Obama White House when they identified the same seven terrorist nations initially for targeting as active threats, Cuomo refuses to answer, as he does often throughout the exchange.

The haughty Cuomo, for all of his air of faux intelligence, can’t even answer two very simple questions as to what nations have the highest Muslim population and the highest Arab population, Indonesia and Egypt respectively.  He’s asked why they’re not included if it’s a Muslim ban and everything goes downhill for him from that point on.

It’s not easy being a paid liar, even for one to whom it comes so naturally. Purveying Fake News is a hard job; if Cuomo weren’t naturally such a nasty, despicable, dishonest individual he might never be able to pull it off.

There was no news value to the exchange, it was simply CNN Fake News attempting to discredit the administration and to advance the leftist agenda. That clearly was the sole purpose and it absolutely backfired on them. Score one more for the good guys, Dr. Gorka and the Trump White House.

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5 Comments on CNN Propagandist Cuomo Destroyed By Gorka As Fake News Ambush Backfires

  1. I’m thinking of putting a sign on my front door: “If you still watch CNN, don’t bother to knock.”

  2. shirley roberts // June 6, 2017 at 1:57 pm // Reply

    Cuomo is such a jerk and I’m so glad I banned MSM, especially CNN in my home. They are the leaders with fake news

  3. OK, we listened to your “opinions”, Cuomo. You are the host, the interviewer, not the professor that you think. What a dick. The poor, always the victim, Moslems really need your help to enforce their piousness. They say thanks. Go take your pill and chill before you have a stroke. You have eight years to go–take care of yourself. Hugs.

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