CNN Orchestrates Rep’s Anti-Trump Attack – “Fanning Flames Of Islamophobia”

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CNN Fake News mongrel Wolf Blitzer asks the leading, scripted question in a relatively direct manner, in order to offer his guest, Rep Andre Carson (D-IN), an opportunity to attack those who recognize the threat posed by Islamic terrorism and to decry them as bigots. The tactics have proven to be quite successful in diminishing the intensity and frequency of the warnings and the ability and willingness of people to speak out, to force self-censorship as well as empowering others who would censor the free speech of Americans.

Carson is one of two members of Congress who are Muslims, the other being Keith Ellison. Both have sworn an oath to the Constitution that their ideology precludes them from honoring. Blitzer asks, “You’re one of two Muslim members of the United States Congress. Are you facing any hatred, anything along those lines, in the aftermath of what’s been going on over these past several weeks and months?” Right Wolf, dismiss any objection to what they’re doing, to their agenda of conquest as unjustified, bigoted, hate; that’s the mission of a CNN propagandist.

We’re not told exactly what Blitzer means by “what’s been going on,” but the context indicates he’s likely talking about the cascade of Muslim terrorist attacks targeting innocent civilians around the globe and killing them for no reason other than to promote their own sick perverted ideology. Yet it is those who want to prevent those attacks who are the villains in this CNN fairy tale.

Carson says, “I’m glad you asked, Wolf,” as if he didn’t know what was coming, “There is a, a, a billboard as we speak, off of one of our major highways, that, that, that, that is disrespectful toward Muslims. It says very, very vile things against prophet Mohammad and, and Islam and it is a, a precursor to a planned anti-Muslim march that is to take place around the same time as the pride parade.” The gays might want to participate in the billboard affair since they’re prime targets for use as falling projectiles for Islamists. That was some unfortunate scheduling.

Carson’s point seems to be that it’s okay for Muslims to kneel in the street in front of Trump Tower, pretending to pray and blocking the roadway in a demonstration, and for Black Lives Matter to block freeways or harass innocent families shopping or eating in restaurants, or for Carson’s fellow Democrats to support AntiFa and other similar hate agitator groups working for Soros, Obama and Clinton in attacks on Trump supporters, but don’t let a shoe touch the other foot. Americans aren’t allowed to speak out against the religion of terrorists killing people because that hurts their sensitive feelings.

Blinky stutters on, saying, “What makes me even more concerned about President Trump’s rhetoric is he has fanned the flames of Islamophobia in our country in a time when we need more Muslims to participate in the political process.” It’s probably the terrorist attacks that have done the fanning of those flames you pandering peace of Democrat commie trash. Fanning the flames of self-defense or resistance is not a fear of Islam, it’s a recognition of a threat.

And since you brought it up, why is it that we need more Muslims to participate in the process, Carson? So you can more effectively demand Sharia law? So you can change our nation to accommodate the creation of your caliphate? He continues that we need more Muslims everywhere and we need to highlight the Muslims in law enforcement, blah, blah, blah.

Carson blames President Trump for the division that Obama and the Democrats created along racial lines as well as the natural response to the murdering of innocents by Islamic terrorists. President Trump is not responsible for either situation; he’s merely dealing with protecting the American people from the anti-American forces such as those this duplicitous Democrat and his CNN comrade represent.

They don’t want us to respond to the threat – we’re supposed to just roll over and submit to their domination and the destruction of our Constitutional Republic, exchanging it for peace, an end to the attacks, by allowing them to supplant our Constitution with their Sharia Law and the displacement of Christianity by their violent cult. It’s not going to happen, Carson, but there’s no doubt you and your comrades are most certainly going to try.

It’s real simple, Carson. We like our country like it was – stop trying to change it and stop trying to take it over. Put up more billboards, Indiana. You’re apparently having some impact. Congratulations.

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3 Comments on CNN Orchestrates Rep’s Anti-Trump Attack – “Fanning Flames Of Islamophobia”

  1. So, as written a good Muslim is a dead Muslim.

  2. People like Carson are very good attendants at gas stations and convenience stores. Since we now have a sufficient number of fully-staffed gas stations and convenience stores, we now also have a sufficient number of people like Carson. Therefore, we don’t need to let any more into our land. Let them go to China or Zimbabwe and see if they need more gas station and convenience store attendants. If those places are full, they can go to Antarctica.

  3. America is becoming muslim and more stupid under the democrats and CNN

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