CNN Misquotes President Trump Then Freaks Out Over Fake Statement

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As bad as what Fake News CNN is doing as they misquote President Trump, it starts out even worse, in the setup to what they pretend is a spontaneous interaction between their hired hit man Jeffrey Toobin and staff propagandist Jake Tapper. Pretending to that theirs is an actual conversation, not the scripted assault on the President that they are demonstrating it to be, Toobin asks, “Can I just raise one point about what “I thought” the President said, that I thought was interesting and perhaps a clue to how things may unfold in the future?” Tapper, answered “sure” during the course of his request to bring up the topic.”

Two CNN Fake News revelations took place during that sentence. The first being that he’s asking permission to raise the issue and the phony permission is being granted, to a scripted and predetermined topic of discussion that they’ve already cued up the video for. The other is that Toobin, perhaps inadvertently admitting he’s lying, phrased his request describing the President’s comments as “what I thought he said.” Is there a reason to say that other than because it’s deliberately misrepresenting what he knows he actually said? Why would he say he’s addressing what he thought the President said rather than simply what he said? Tapper plays the clip he “just happened to have ready to go, ‘having heard’ the same thing.”

President Trump said in the clip, “But the entire thing has been a witch hunt. And there is no collusion between, certainly myself and my campaign, but I can always speak for myself and the Russians, zero.” 

Tapper does the follow up as the moron former prosecutor chuckles, saying, “And there it is Jeff, as you know, he said ‘certainly myself and my campaign but I can only speak for myself.’ Maybe their ears are still ringing from all the champagne corks that were popping around them at CNN headquarters with the news of Mueller’s appointment, maybe they’re just out of practice of listening or are so used to making up their own version of events they never gave it a thought when they misquoted him. “Always” is different from “only” although it’s undoubtedly what these CNN Fake News hacks wanted to hear.

Surely President Trump is getting all kinds of legal advice on what to say and what not to say. He’s be wise to not take live questions any more until after the witch hunt is complete.

Keep laughing Toobin, the fact that you and Fake News CNN think anyone trusts or believes what you’re putting out is truly what’s funny.

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