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CNN has unleashed one of their most vitriolic racists to attack President Trump after he once again publicly dismissed another of their mongrel curs, White House reporter Jim “Caustic” Acosta, as fake news in his press conference.

CNN has another angle they’re going to take in bringing down their arch nemesis in service to their globalist masters. They’re going to attempt to brand President Trump as a racist and do it in the most vile and hateful manner they can. Naturally, they called upon their perpetually butt-hurt bimbo, Don Lemon, who appeared to be sober in this exchange, to “deliver the blows.”

After the stage is set by his comrades, Lemon is given the free rein to attack the President of the United States in a manner that is totally improper for a news organization. Of course propaganda and news are two different things. His purpose is to paint President Trump as a racist for not reflexively and subserviently pushing the black power narrative as is customary and expected of politically correct, immoral politicians.

They were once again reminded that President Trump is neither, and the rage rant is on. How dare he wait for the evidence before convicting the white people and absolving the BLM, communists and AntiFa hate groups. The truth is that the Democrats including Lemon are probably much more aware of the connections between the violence and their George Soros sponsored allies than they’re letting on. They may even be doing damage control at his direct request.

Lemon says, “We all know the history of white supremacy and as I watched the President yesterday all I could think of is this is the ramblings of a very ill-informed, ignorant man who’s ignorant of the history of this country, of the facts of what went on on the ground and who is obviously is saying exactly what is in his heart when he is not on Teleprompter.” Funny, Lemon, that’s exactly what we’re thinking watching you.

This is a new low for television Fake News, even for CNN. Lemon repeatedly calls the President ignorant as part of smearing him as a racist. As for whether or not President Trump knows what happened on the ground, he’s got the FBI and DOJ updating him regularly, something that smarty-pants know-it-all Lemon does not. Trump is basing his position on the facts, it’s Lemon who is speaking out of racism and his typical ignorance.

Lemon essentially says that President should go back to school to be reeducated into why you accept racism if it’s being perpetrated by blacks or other minorities but condemn it regardless of whether or not or the degree to which if exists or is relevant if the perpetrators are white. It doesn’t even have to involve any illegality or be substantiated by the facts. Racial smears are mandatory, the anti-white Democrat beast must be feed.

The other Democrat operatives pick up on and expand the horrible deception and disinformation by CNN. This display makes it perfectly clear that CNN should not even be allowed in the briefings any longer. They are not a news organization by any stretch. They’re a vile, anti-American, anti-white racist hate merchant – period.

The war is on. It’s the Americans versus the globalists. They’ll learn soon enough that we don’t roll over like the Germans or the French. For the American people the truth still matters and we still understand the difference between right and wrong.


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7 Comments on CNN Lemon Let OFF HIS LEASH, Trashes President TRUMP As “IGNORANT RACIST”

  1. I tried to listen to this crap these morons were saying. Lemon is the one that needs versed on the involvement of Antifa and BLM at this demonstration. He, Lemon, needs to analyze who was there legally and who was there just to stir the crap pile. Racists and bigots from BLM and Antifa started the problems. These two groups had no business being there but they were and they began this ordeal. So, Trump WAS/IS right again! There were two groups that were spoiling for a fight. Lies being spread by CNN are the only things that they speak these days.

  2. Deplorable Doctor // August 17, 2017 at 11:14 pm // Reply

    Is CNN’s now down to mostly Homosexual Faces?

  3. POW’s and MIA’s have been brutally left behind since the 60’s because of Warmonger McCain. He needs to be eradicated from govt. and from this country as a “once again traitor.”


  5. Freddie Arthur Hisle // August 17, 2017 at 10:39 am // Reply

    lemmooooon is the real ignorant Racist POS.

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