CNN Lemon Cuts Interview After Accused Of Engaging In Fake News

lemon cuts off interview


CNN guests have been warned – Hosts have the plug and they know how to pull it. Anyone calling them out for being fake news does so under the very real threat that they will be cut from the broadcast and quite probably not invited back on. Fake News are the new “F” and “N” words on CNN.

Most of the discussion is the typical CNN bashing of President Trump by the usual America-haters, including the George Soros operative from, Karine Jean-Pierre, who now seems to be a fixture across liberal propaganda media.

After the liberals were finished chopping up the President and his family under the pretext of the costs of protecting them with the Secret Service, host Don Lemon called upon Paris Dennard who said, “I think this is fake news. I think this is fake news, this is not a news story.” He reasons, as the female antagonists erupt in disbelief and his fellow clear thinking panelist, Andre Bauer expresses his agreement.

Dennard reasons, “The President is not breaking any laws and he’s not doing anything. It’s not his fault that …” Lemon stops him there, promising to let him finish after his scolding lecture is completed, a promise he doesn’t keep.

Lemon asks, “Do you actually know what the definition of fake news is?” That question should have been worded as the official CNN approved definition, but we recognize it for what it is. Dennard replies, “What we’re doing right now,” which pushes all the right buttons on the trigger happy host.

Lemon responds, “Okay, well you are part of the fake news because you are on the network and you’re part of the – fake news is when you, hang on, let me explain to people out there watching and you what fake news is.” He then goes on to berate the guest for bringing it up, adding, “Please stop it with that stupid talking point that it is a fake news story. If you don’t want to participate in the ‘news’ stories on this network then don’t come on and participate. But don’t call them fake because you don’t agree with them. Go on.”

He doesn’t get far, as he doesn’t seem to have absorbed his reeducation very well. Dennard says, “Don, this is a fake news story in my opinion because the underlying assumption is that…” Lemon interrupts, saying, “Okay Paris, thank you very much everyone, thanks everyone, thanks for watching, have a great weekend, good night all.”

The drama queen was out of time, having used up time that should have gone to his guest in his rant about how to properly describe the content of their programming. He’d have had to cut the interview regardless of how he did it, this way he got to score points with CNN management in defense of their soiled reputation and look like the hero.

Lemon knows what it feels like to have your microphone cut. It happened to him during a drunken on-air rant on New Year’s Eve. CNN is getting a little touchy about being recognized as fake news, it must be having some effect on the pretend professionals.

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5 Comments on CNN Lemon Cuts Interview After Accused Of Engaging In Fake News

  1. We know they’re fake. Let’s move onto who tells them what to say and why. That’s what we want to know and discuss now.

  2. Any time they start bashing any one in the Trump administration, the family or all his supporters, they never give any facts, just more fake news. I have no respect for any of them anymore. When they start acting like they really want to cooperate and help to start the healing of this country, then maybe, just maybe I might be willing to give them a short listen. I don’t even like listening to any who report on the fake news sites or their reporters. Just gives the liberals more voice that they should not have.

  3. Dr. Deplorable // February 19, 2017 at 11:23 am // Reply

    CNN was aka Clinton News Now, but CNN is now C*** News NOW!

  4. CNN news for queers.

  5. Barbara Alexander // February 19, 2017 at 8:42 am // Reply

    I am a news Junkie Lemon. and yes. you are all die hard liberal stations and cannot believe anything you all say .. its terrible. wish we were back in the old times. with not so much hoopla. internet etc.. but yes You al are always on the liberals side and only tell that side and not the real news for the Republican side.. plain and simple, can you understand this?

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