CNN Leaks Classified Trump Testimony – Mueller Or Senate Leaked To Them First

CNN leaks classified

Mueller’s witch hunt is just starting and already his “investigators” are feeding CNN the details of what is said behind closed doors, what is supposedly private testimony. Then again it could be those pillars of integrity on the Senate or House Intelligence Committee. There’s no shortage of rats in the DC Swamp.

Back in May CNN claimed that President Trump had asked both DNI Coats and Admiral Rogers to “knock down” the Russia collusion story, based upon a Washington Post leak.  Now they claim to have confirmation of testimony to that effect from classified American secret leakers, what they term “sources.” The reporter brazenly refers to the information as “the first glimpse into what two top intelligence chiefs said behind closed doors to Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s team and to members of the Senate Intelligence Committee.” Why wouldn’t they expect the spigot of leaks to continue – who’s lifted a finger against them thus far?

This should be the end of testimony before either of those bodies until the leaks stop and President Trump should have both Coats and Rogers in his office, on the carpet accounting for how private, privileged information became the substance of a CNN broadcast. The DOJ, if they’re not going to fire Mueller, should have him on the carpet as well, explaining why his Clinton and Obama loyalist team is not responsible. The Senate is already known to be leaking. Their access to testimony regarding this issue should now be ended and not reinstated unless and until they can demonstrate a reason why the President should have confidence that they, the “Intelligence Committee,” can be trusted to keep things secret. Everything, under this reckless disregard for secrecy, should be subject to executive privilege.

Dana Bash reports that she and two of her colleagues have multiple leakers feeding them information. She reports that both Coats and Rogers testified to the Mueller people that President Trump suggested that they say publicly that there was no collusion between his campaign and the Russians, something they did not do.

Bash notes that both Coats and Rogers stated that they never felt pressured but that they “were reluctant to offer specifics” until they were in a classified setting. And so the details of what the President said to Coats and Rogers were first reported by the Washington Post last month and this is more information about what they’re actually telling investigators.”

So what they would not say publicly was stated in a classified setting and then immediately leaked to the public. Why even bother? With Hillary Clinton stealing and selling everything will-nilly and Senators and investigators leaking like a sieve, why even bother with classifications? Oh yeah, that’s so they can punish regular Americans, those who aren’t members of the elite.

This is a railroad, a farce, an injustice. It’s also a crime that is going unpunished, the serial leaking by the Washington Post, CNN and others to the public of what they know is classified information. The CNN crew responsible and those at the Washington Post, including Mr. Bezos, should be behind bars, looking at some very serious prison sentences for espionage and treason.

And while they’re at it, where’s the follow through on the three leaking Trump insiders that were going down as soon as President Trump returned from his foreign trip? Did they not exist or were they determined to be too valuable or close to prosecute? Loose Lips Sink Ships – and Presidencies.

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  1. While the duplicitous and criminal media condemn whistleblowers for their ‘exposures,’ they themselves should be condemned for their ‘leaks.’ Hypocrisy knows no bounds. The fakestream media is the most active arm of the Deep State operating as swamp creatures from below.

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