CNN Hacks Cooper, Acosta Mock Trump Team In 3rd Grader Skit

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We’ve all had our moments where we wanted to reach through the screen and knock the daylights (or something else) out of a smug, arrogant, condescending elitist. This time there’s two of them, equally deserving and despicable. There’s more than one reason to not watch CNN, here’s two big ones, plus however many others are operating behind the scenes to produce garbage, who could surely use some correction as well.

Anderson “Teabag” Cooper sets up their segment which is, like everything else they do, a scripted theatrical performance. They hate it that President Trump circumvents their fake news system by tweeting so it’s a priority to discourage him through mockery. It might work if our President cared what repugnant anti-American liberal trash thinks of him, but he doesn’t. The performance setup features four clips of White House Press Secretary Spicer saying that President Trump’s tweets speak for themselves. Somehow these morons, Cooper and the caustic Jim Acosta, think their stupidity is funny, good for ratings and bad for the President.

They play a clip of Kellyanne Conway saying that the tweet she’s discussing was President Trump drawing attention to the irony of being persecuted because he did what the person persecuting him told him to do. That’s a bit too complicated for media moron Cooper to grasp. He says, “I honestly do not know what that means.” If he’s being honest, it’s a rare occurrence and he’s an even bigger idiot than we all suspected. It’s more likely that he’s the same moron we always knew he was and it’s part of his “really edgy and funny bit.”

He invites the whiny little crybaby, “Caustic Acosta” in to join him in making sport of the President. Acosta is still heartbroken over being relegated to “Siberia” and not being able to be an ass on video during press briefings. He’ll make up for it by being an ass now.

Cooper introduces his fellow America-hating elitist, saying, “CNN’s Jim Acosta joins us now from the White House to try and clear up any irony there may be. So Jim, this seems to be yet another example of the President and those who represent him simply, I don’t know, not being on the same page, is that what it is?”

“I’m not sure they’re on the same (cue laugh track) planet, Anderson,” replied the abrasive Alinskyite, “and I don’t understand that either, what you just played.” Talk about irony, what are the chances that two men of such little intellect would be camera to camera on national television on a major cable news network, showing themselves for petty little girly-men that they are ?

Actually, there’s nothing ironic or unusual about it. It happens hundreds of times a day, every day on CNN. Get Chris Cuomo ready.

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  2. As I haven’t had my breakfast yet and I’m still waking up and sipping on my coffee, I chose not to watch the clip of these two mindless drones opting to just read the dialog instead. Anything more than that at this point in my day would have been vomit inducing!

  3. Freddie Arthur Hisle // June 20, 2017 at 6:50 pm // Reply

    Lying fags.

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